10 Characteristics A security Guard Should Have 

security Guard

The job of a security man is not easy and does not suit anyone. Rather, it requires a number of characteristics that a person must have.

In this article, we will introduce you to the job of a security guard, and we will show you the most important characteristics that any person must have in order to become a guard. This will help decide whether to apply at a security company or not!

 Here are the most important qualities that a security guard must have:


The guard must show trust and honesty in order for people to look at him positively. Many companies today require job applicants to submit papers proving that they do not have a criminal record or that they haven’t committed any sabotage acts.

2-Good training

The individual must be well trained. It is necessary for the security guard to undergo intensive courses in order to acquire several skills that will help him to perform his role better.


The security officer must have a lot of experience in order to know how to deal with any danger or scenario that may occur. For example, a fire may occur in a company, or the guard may have to confront a thief.

Sometimes some guards are trained by the military forces to deal with hostile situations if they occur.


The security guard must be aware or deal with any danger quickly. He must be intuitive in order to deal with the environment more effectively.

5-Leadership personality

The employee must have a leadership personality. He should not be afraid in difficult situations and maintain his confidence, as this will help him control his reactions in any situation, no matter how difficult it is.


The employee must have the ability to communicate with others. Sometimes a person may have to work collectively with his colleagues.

 7- Fitness

An individual must have a strong physique in order to withstand working conditions. This profession is tiring and sometimes requires standing or walking for long hours.

Sometimes they may have to work at night, and this may be difficult, especially in the event of any danger such as theft. So a person must be physically strong to stand up to any thief.


The individual must have a mature personality capable of dealing with others to resolve conflicts.

It is important to be a respectful person so that people accept the way he treats them in case of any problem.

9-Low profile 

It is important for the individual to be able to work in secret in order to mingle with people so that no one notices his strange presence.


It is good for an employee to be motivated to do his work. He must be motivated to help others. 

Thus, the security guard is loyal and dedicated to his work.

 What is the suitable age for a security guard?

Usually a security guard must be at least 18. and if he is applying for an armed position, he must be 21. 

How much does a security guard make in the US?

A security guard makes approximately $15.5 per hour in the US!

A brief history of this job

Security guarding is one of the oldest professions. In the past, people in power used to hire soldiers and strong people to save them from any danger.

For example, in Japan, this function was performed by samurai. 

Bottom Line

Being a security guard is not easy as it requires some characteristics. 

However, a person might be able to develop their skills to achieve progress towards getting this job position. 

So now, after you have known all the information about this profession, are you still interested in getting such a job?  

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