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How Can You Protect Your Trees from Wind and Storm?

Protect Your Trees

If you live in an area frequently affected by storms, protecting your trees from damage is essential. Strong winds and storms can cause significant damage, such as broken branches or uprooted trees. However, there are preventive measures you can take to mitigate such scenarios and lessen the impact of adverse weather have on your trees. Southern Star Tree is the go-to tree service in Alpharetta when you want to protect your trees from winds and storms. Here are steps to help you mitigate weather damages in the future.

Provide Room to Grow

Trees comprise more than just the trunk and branches. Mature trees have a root system that naturally extends several hundred feet from the trunk, and it is essential to protect them from compaction. This can be achieved by minimizing vehicular and foot traffic around young trees by planting beds or shrubs of indigenous plants to discourage or reduce the impact of trampling. Installing walkways allows water to infiltrate the surface and spreads the weight over a large surface. Trees should be given room to grow, but a reputable tree service in Atlanta can help if this is not possible.

Plant Trees When They Are Small

Trees that started in root pruning containers and were planted while small develop more efficient root systems than larger trees. The primary goal of a root system is to absorb moisture and essential nutrients and transport them to other parts of a tree via the trunk. Planting large trees reduces the effectiveness of the roots because they are yet to adapt to the conditions. This makes them ineffective and compromises anchorage during strong winds and storm conditions. As a reputable tree service in Atlanta, we can recommend suitable trees you can plant while small to guarantee the safety of your premises.

Remove Tree Risks Quickly

When trees flex in the wind, it results in strength. The trunk is trained to strengthen, and the movement encourages root growth and development. The best way to ensure your trees are in tip-top shape throughout the year is to hire a professional tree service in Stone Mountain. We assess the condition of your trees and recommend maintenance to ensure potential causes of damage are addressed. Whether pruning, mulching or trimming, we aim to maintain optimum strength and support. The risk of tree and property damage is high if you don’t remove weak, damaged or dead limbs.

Plant Trees in Groves

Many homeowners pant a single shade tree, but it is advisable to plant several trees close to each other. Research shows that a group of trees planted ten feet or fewer from each other is 30% likely to be affected by strong winds. The roots interlock and provide optimum anchorage, so you don’t have to worry about being blown over during a storm. Large shrubs are an excellent option to mitigate weather damage if you don’t have sufficient space to plant multiple trees.

Although protecting trees from wind and storm damage is not limited to these tips, they can help you save a lot of money and time on repairs in the long run. Contact us at Southern Star Tree to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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