How to Find the Perfect Built-In Vanity for Your Bathroom

How to Find the Perfect Built-In Vanity for Your Bathroom

Sometimes, we have little in-house arguments. We wonder which room truly is our oasis: the bedroom or the bathroom? In truth, both should be paid equal attention. But, the bathroom is one of the first rooms we visit in the morning and one of the last rooms we freshen up in before we rest our weary bones for the night.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of a built-in vanity where you can primp and prime to your heart’s desire, and take off the days’ makeup, then we’ve got you covered. There are a few considerations to ponder before taking the plunge. Here are four of the most important factors.

Consider the Size

The size of your bathroom will help you make a few determinations early on. If you have a quainter, cozier bathroom, then you’ll benefit from something with a lower profile. So, a floating vanity or a glass vanity will help you maintain some of that open space.

Consider Your Sinks

If you have a larger bathroom and, thus a few more options, you’ll want your sinks to play the largest role in your design work.

If you plan on having two sinks, then you’ll want that vanity to be about five feet wide. This will leave plenty of elbow room for you and your significant other to do all your primping free from morning battles.

Consider the Flow of Traffic

This ties into the size of your bathroom a bit. Consider how things will look if, say, you leave one of the vanity doors open while you pull out your rollers or makeup trays.

Will the doors be obstructing anything or anyone from walking by? How about the windows? Will they impede the placement of your vanity? Will you be able to successfully install wall cabinets in your current layout?

Consider Your Pipes

In order to maintain things like the flow of traffic and access to natural light, do you have to change your bathroom’s plumbing to install your new vanity? If so, plan accordingly because this is going to take out a huge chunk of your budget.

However, with a good plumber, anything is possible. And this allows you to consider options like this custom made vanity Sydney style! Now, you can consider floating vanities, traditional farmhouse style vanities, increased storage, and absolutely anything else under the sun.

Build the Built-In Vanity of Your Dreams

A built-in vanity is such a joy to have. Every morning, the process of getting groomed can be done amidst the comfortable organization that comes with a well-designed vanity.

We love turning our homes into what we love to see, not what the world considers to be”cool.” When you follow our personal intuitions, you can create the house of our dreams.

Keep coming back to visit us for more on everything from siding options for your home to new ways to minimize your possessions and, therefore, simplify your life. Until we meet again, happy nesting!

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