Ingenious Space-Saving Ideas: The Wonders of Murphy Beds

Ingenious Space-Saving Ideas

Are you living in a small space or studio apartment? If so, you know how crucial it is to find practical ways to maximize space in your home, without overcrowding it. Thankfully, with a space-saving Bestar Murphy bed, you can create a versatile room in no time. By day, you’ll have space for all your activities and at night, you’ll have a comfortable bed to enjoy some well-deserved rest. Wall beds can truly transform your home, no matter how small your space is. Ready to find out how? Keep reading! 

The Art of Concealment

Do you like having friends and family over at your studio apartment, but wish your bed wasn’t in the way? Or maybe you’d like to have more space in your room to work out, do yoga, or meditate? With a Bestar Murphy bed, you can free up floor space and conceal your bed! 

Bestar Murphy beds have a dual-piston mechanism, so you can fold the bed up and down easily, without any heavy lifting or pulling. When the bed is folded away, the cabinet stands alone as a beautiful piece in your home, taking up minimal floor space. You can even keep thin sheets on the bed, but thick blankets and pillows need to be removed to ensure proper closure. With the bed concealed, you’ll have the freedom (and space!) to host movie nights, do Zumba workouts, hang out with friends, and more. When you’re ready to use the bed, simply clear the floor space and fold the bed down. That’s it! In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep in. 

Multipurpose Marvels

With a practical Murphy bed, you can create your ideal multipurpose space in no time. For instance, do you want a living room in your studio apartment, but just aren’t sure where to begin or if it’s even possible? If so, you should certainly consider a Bestar sofa Murphy bed. During the day, you can use the sofa to watch your favorite Netflix show, hang out with friends, or curl up with a good book. The back cushions rest against the front of the cabinet, providing ample comfort and support when sitting on the sofa. Ready to catch some shut eye? No problem. Simply remove the cushions from the couch, fold the bed down, and put your comforter and pillows on the bed. Fun fact: You can even store the sofa cushions under the bed to keep your space clutter-free! How practical is that?

Another versatile solution for your apartment or small space is a Murphy bed with a desk. Bestar has two wall bed models with desks: one with a fold-down desktop, and another with a retractable desk that folds into the cabinet beside the bed. No matter which model you choose, you’ll have an efficient home office or study space that you can use as often as needed. When you’re ready to get some rest after the workday, all you need to do is clear the floor space, fold the desk and pull the bed down. With a Murphy bed, you’ll have a multipurpose space that checks all the boxes on your list!

Customization, Style, and Comfort

Finally, Bestar Murphy beds are stylish and comfortable solutions for any space. If you’re looking for a contemporary design with clean lines, check out the Lumina, Cielo, or Orion collections. Some models come with brushed nickel or metal handles, giving your space a modern touch. For a more traditional style, consider the Edge, Pur, or Versatile collections. Some beds have shaker-inspired designs or crown moldings, creating a sophisticated look.

What’s more, you can even pick the color of your Murphy bed. Bestar has wall beds that come in a variety of finishes, including Bark Gray, Linen White Oak, Platinum Gray, and White. Depending on the collection, you can even choose a bed with a two-toned finish, such as Bark Grey & White or Rustic Brown & White.

As for comfort, Bestar Murphy beds certainly won’t disappoint. All Bestar wall beds come with flexible mattress support slats and can accommodate most standard queen or full-size mattresses. That means you can choose your mattress from your favorite retailer. However, be sure to check Bestar’s requirements in terms of mattress thickness and weight.

If you want to keep your space neat and organized, why not opt for a Bestar Murphy bed with one or two storage cabinets? Some models come with fixed and adjustable shelves, drawers, as well as open and closed storage compartments. You’ll have ample space to efficiently store all your linen, bedding, clothes, movies, and more inside the unit. Even if you choose a Bestar wall bed without storage, you can add a matching storage cabinet from the same collection as your bed at a later time.

No matter what size space you have, a Murphy bed can do wonders in your home. With so many different models and styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect bed for your needs and space!

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