Rubbish You May Find at a Deceased Estate

Deceased Estate

Rubbish refers to wastes or things that are not wanted anymore. Not only do they make the place look bad, but they are also unhygienic and unsanitary. One such place where junk and rubbish are found aplenty is a deceased estate. 

A deceased estate is a place that has been abandoned for a long time as the original owner has died. Cleaning a deceased estate is a tedious task and requires high patience and a solid workforce. Due to the complex tasks involved in cleaning these, you should always hire professional rubbish removal agencies like Junk King Rubbish Removals to clean up a deceased estate. 

Rubbish and Junk rates are rising rapidly, and it has been recorded that Australia alone has generated 75.8 million tonnes of solid wastes through 2018-2019. Due to such a high flow of garbage and rubbish, it is crucial to keep estates clean.

Here are certain items that are commonly found when cleaning deceased estates. You can expect to find these and more when you have a deceased estate cleaned by a professional cleaning service. 

Household Rubbish

Household rubbish is the most common type of rubbish you’ll encounter at a deceased estate. It makes the most sense to fin household rubbish if the owner or caretaker died recently. 

Old clothes, rotten food items, torn-out books, wall paintings, etc., are the most common household junk you can find. Along with these, you can also expect to find personal items of the deceased. 

Personal items may be of value to the deceased’s family, so you need a service that pays attention and cares enough to hand these over to the family and not just remove them with the rest of the garbage. 

Old Furniture

Another thing that has always been found at deceased estates is old furniture. Old furniture pieces and other decorative items are often taken away and handed to resellers if the owner approves. These are the objects that demand the most human resources. 

As old furniture pieces are of varied sizes and mostly heavy, you need to have a proper cleanup plan for them. Companies like Junk King Rubbish Removal can thoughtfully dispose of such items. They often try to recycle most of their collected junk. If the condition of old furniture from the estate is good, they can be transported to the owners’ place to keep them or sell them off. 

Garden Wastes

Most estates have large gardens inside them. Hence most of the junk and rubbish can be found in the garden. Gardens have various trees and plants, and hence due to natural factors, there might be leaves and trunks fallen all over the place. Cleaning such garden wastes can be a cumbersome task and will require professionals.  

Garden wastes can be taken away. If there are large logs, they can be sold off to wood factories. Many garden waste products can be collected, recycled, and used for betterment purposes.

Other Appliances

This is a broad category, and each and everything you can imagine will fall under this. From electronic items to household items, you can expect to find anything at a deceased estate. 

Household appliances like fridges, TV, speakers, washing machines are some of the most common things found at deceased estates. Most junk and rubbish services try to improve the environment and always try to recycle or resell products acquired from such sources. 

Cleaning junk and rubbish from any deceased estate and restoring it to its original glory is a task that only experts should do. Above are some pointers that define what to expect when you decide to have a deceased estate cleaned. 

Granted, you may not find all of these, but some of these are best left handled by professionals. This is why hiring a professional rubbish removal service is necessary. 

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