Taking luxury lifestyle and mentality together

Luxury life and its stockpile

Luxury is what, having unending amount of money, as if one posses the cave of Aladdin and all the rare jewels, diamond and tons of wealth, and where does it comes from, does it directly land from the way down the heaven, or any super natural power has left it behind, the question is unanswered.

The life of luxury man 

A man, who possesses the cave of Aladdin and knows its chant, takes himself as the king, having a great and vast empire subjected to him, he is the sole king, nothing has any part in his kingship, His bed would be made of world’s most precious metal so as his thorn, And his every meals would be summoned by a waiter. And his closest would be made up of all the precious gemstone and precious stone, And his ponds containing the fishes of rare racism,

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His garden bearing the most precious flowers, which are going to bloom only here, and are going to release the scent which is available nowhere else in this world, use online voucher codes to get discount on home accessories.

And His house will never get affected by weather because it has air cons in summers to use, and in winters the fire to burn use logs2u voucher codes, to get discounts on woods and coals.

Materialism is luxury, luxury is materialism

What is luxury, to prioritize the materialistic values, or to value them as much as they are the beginning and the end of the everything, nothing does ever exist other than the matter, matter is what valuing a new car over every other things,, one just can even think without the quality and comfort of materialistic thing, Just to forget every other thing friendship, family, relatives and every possible relations over a The Diablo GT, and believing that nothing exists other than the matter.

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The contrast

What is the use of luxury when someone else reads newspaper for you at the breakfast table, and when you are going to sit and someone else extended it, and when you are going out somewhere else a huge army escorted you, and driver or chauffeur comes; and opens the door of your car, while your car is fully bullet proof and the bodyguards covering you from every possible corner, and then just the moment you put your toe on the ground the whole community, and the paparazzi capturing you, and asking you the long lists of questions.

While on the other hand a normal citizen would be eating his food on the ordinary table, reading the newspaper all by himself taking his ordinary transport and all. ‘Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury – to me these have always been contemptible. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind’.

The lifestyle of our society

The society appreciates and respects the one who is powerful, has the connections, posses immense amount of wealth, and is all corrupt, he is not justified morally, and he is not legitimate to posses any single unit of it, but alas, the society will never asks for one who has nothing to eat, nothing to wear, and nowhere to take shelter and ultimately has nothing to lose at all.

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Man’s dignity

Man is the only creature who is bestowed with intellect and wisdom, with the sense to be more civilized, the land where he lives, and eats from it, made him to owe, in the form to serve his fellow beings, it is his responsibility to put his personal gains over public, the way he depends on society, and rely upon for the personal need is not going to be any more helpful, it would not be a positive result, or either the further weigh on economy, it would develop a face of threat, and he himself will not accept, therefore his ego would make him to maintain a position in society in order to get social dignity.

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Tag end

The poor’s are getting poorer, the rich are getting Richest, and the contrast in the lives of both is unfathomed. The poor has nothing to cover their body in severe winters; while on the other hand the dog of rich is resting in a luxurious and top branded dog house having heaters on, the sense of kindness and compassion in ourselves is obscure to the eyes. They does exist here if we cannot recognize, they have feelings, emotions and little fundamental necessities, they are humans, as they have personalities therefore they possess basic human rights same like us, and the rights no one on this known world dare to deny, the right to have cloth on body to cover, the food to fulfill the growing of stomach, and the shelter to have protection.

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