The Right Doors for Your New Home

The Right Doors for Your New Home

Designing a new home is a tedious task. It can get complicated to select the right accessories for your new home. The décor and aesthetics play an essential role in making a home appealing. Home décor involves many things. Choosing the suitable curtains, furniture, appliances, but the most crucial part is making sure each accessory is coordinated.

Similarly, the doors in your home are as important as any other thing. There is much variety for doors these days, ranging from folding doors to accordion doors and even sliding glass walls. They serve the purpose of keeping your home safe and secure and should be aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few things to consider before selecting the right doors for your home. 

Identify the Style

Each home has its unique style. It may be modern, contemporary, traditional, or vibrant and funky. The first step to choosing the right doors is that they should complement the style of your home. Now, you may want a different type for each room. In that case, you can opt for different kinds of doors for each room, or a better option would be to add a similar element of style to each room which could complement the doors. Once you identify the style of your home, most of your work is done. You may then look up the kinds that are available in the market. 

Decide your Budget

The budget is another crucial aspect to consider while getting doors for your home. Buying a home is a considerable investment, similarly is its décor. Doors are an essential part of your home. You want them to keep your home safe and secure as well as look good. It is better to set a budget first and then look at what is available in the market. There is a wide variety available in different materials, designs, and shapes. However, all of them may not fall within your price range you have set for yourself, so identify those that fall within your budget. 

Here are a few available options.

Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass doors are one of the most popular choices among people living in harsh climates and unexpected weather throughout the year. These are strong, durable, and in many cases, weather-resistant. Fiberglass doors are made in a way that they mimic wood but are insulated. So they are also a great way to conserve energy. Another advantage is that these doors come with warranties and do not warp. 

Fiberglass doors are also easy to maintain because they do not need repainting often. They are not too expensive, so it is excellent for people who want to experiment with their home décor. 

Wood Doors

Wood doors have been a classic choice for their tradition and elegance. However, wood doors require regular maintenance to keep them appealing. Many different options are available, like mahogany or walnut, for instance. Wood doors may not be a good option for people living near water or rainy conditions throughout the year. Moisture can damage wood doors, and they will need constant repair and maintenance. 

Wood doors vary in price. It depends on the kind you want; for example, a thicker panel is an ideal choice for those who prefer wood trim. 

Steel Doors

These are the cheapest doors available. So if your budget does not allow you to purchase a fancy wood door, you can choose a steel door. Steel doors are strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, it can be dented easily. Steel doors also need regular maintenance as they are designed with a polyester finish that needs repainting every few months. 

A disadvantage of having a steel door is that it is temperature-sensitive material. This material will make your room hot in hotter weather conditions and cold in lower temperatures. 

Aluminum Doors

These doors may be a little expensive, but they have low-cost maintenance. This expense is because you cannot buy them easily like the other doors. You have to get them custom-made.  These doors have an insulation core covered with an enamel finish, making them the ideal choice for your home. Aluminum doors do not rust or rot and usually include a 20-year warranty. They also do not need to be repainted very often, unlike other types of doors.

Glass Doors

These doors are an ideal choice for the rooms in your home. Glass doors look aesthetically pleasing and can provide a modern or traditional vibe depending on the rest of your home décor. However, glass doors are delicate and need cleaning often as they may lose their appeal when they are dirty. Glass doors can be sliding, or you can have them with hinges. 

Final Thoughts

This article is a brief guide to the kinds of doors available in the market. It is essential to research before selecting the doors for your home. Ensure that you choose the ones that fall within your budget while getting the look and style you want for your home. You may also want to look up other elements of your home at 1st Energy Home for more home improvement ideas.

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