10 awesome exterior window shutter design ideas

 The most important asset of yours is your home, so to make it as good as possible is your responsibility. With that in mind, one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to add a curb appeal to your home is to install exterior window shutters. Available in various types of styles, colors, and sizes, putting exterior window shutters on the outside of your home is a perfect home makeover with the most beautiful effects.

Choosing the perfect exterior window shutters can be overwhelming as, like other home projects, they will last for a longer time and you may want to make sure that they are the best choice. So with some best practice recommendations and with a little inspiration, you’ll be on your way to find the best exterior window shutters designs. Here are our 10 awesome exterior window shutter designs to get you inspired!

1. Get inspired with Board & Batten shutters

They are cheap and easy to make with a piece of minimum equipment. Their fairytale appearance will add value and can transform your house into a comfy pleasant-looking residence. So if you are planning about dressing the exterior of your window shutters with board & batten coverings, then you can choose from two styles: open and closed.

Closed board and batten shutters have vertical panels that are mounted right next to each other and are used to protect the windows from heavy storms. They give a complete privacy and room-darkening effect as well.

Open board and batten shutters do not have any functional role. They are more decorative as their boards are separated by small hollow spaces. They look more sturdy and rustic than their closed counterparts so they are appropriate for rural houses. 

2. Red-on-Red to make a bold statement

Red doors, red brick, and red board and batten exterior shutters make it all pop. They are made from high-quality durable material which is impervious to rot, termites, and moisture. The red board and batten shutters are of exceptional value and beauty. They will add enduring character to your house structure. 

3. Wood shutters are always a winning choice

The dark-grained wood exterior shutters are captivating and will give a charming look to your house’s exterior. They offer an unbeatable charisma, which gives ease to the way buildings mingle with their wild surroundings. 

When choosing wood exterior shutters, you can go for cedar, cypress, or oak that will emphasize the feel of your house by their light and dark tones.

4. Keep it classic with exterior vinyl shutters

Vinyl is a strong material, yet lightweight plastic which provides durability to exterior shutters. They are much more affordable than wood shutters and can encounter drastic weather changes without warping or fading. While purchasing vinyl exterior window coverings, ensure that they look as authentic as possible to enhance the overall exterior appearance of your house. 

As vinyl exterior shutters are made for decorative purposes only, therefore it is advisable to check with the manufacturer if the product is functional or not. 

5. Black outdoor shutters for serious contrast

Black color in outdoor coverings is the most requested and popular among all exterior shutter colors. Black color is known for symbolism also like it represents power, authority, solemnity, and humility. Installing black outdoor shutters on the house is not fleetingly bad or trendy. They have been used for many years in every home style imaginable. The black paint color is classic, timeless, and will never go out of style. Hence to add the wow factor to your house, go for black outdoor shutters. 

6. Enhance your custom windows with exterior aluminum shutters 

Aluminum is another affordable and durable material used in the manufacturing of exterior shutters. It is mostly used in the manufacturing of hurricane shutters as it gives protection against flying fragments through strong winds. A matte or powdered finish will make aluminum shutters more stylish than a simple, smooth one and will preserve the historical appeal of a building while lowering its maintenance costs.

7. Exterior shutters with louvers for natural elegance

The louvered shutter is the most popular exterior shutter style. It features an elegant look with horizontal slats tilt towards the exterior, that allows natural light while keeping the residence ventilated. Their elegant silhouette gives a stunning, relaxed, colonial vibe and is available in both operable and decorative varieties. 

It has fixed louvers inclined at a 60degree angle to circulate the air while darkening the room when the window coverings are shut. On the downside, the light control is minimum that will make window treatment more suitable for dry and warm climates. So this style is efficient for properties that are located in areas with changeable weather as it allows the shutters to be completely closed during snowstorms, rain, or fiery summer days or to let the daylight in. 

8. Go extra cozy with Bahama shutters

They have a laid-back tropical appeal, so they are great to use to magnify the architecture of beach houses. Just like louvered shutters, they can also be ornamental or functional. Exterior Bahama window shutters are also known as Bermuda shutters. They are also very popular with tropical island properties because they give excellent protection against strong winds. For extreme storms, this type of shutter must be made up of tried and tested aluminum with strengthened positioning systems.

9. Exterior shutters with raised panels

Raised panel exterior window shutters give a warm, pleasant look to any home because of their three-dimensional design and artisan-crafted appearance. The sculpted portion captures and reflects light, creating a sophisticated look that will compliment country cottages and historical architecture. This style of the shutter will enhance the aesthetics of your property.

10. Exterior shutters with flat panels for a true craftsman

Flat-panel exterior window shutters feature a minimalist style with a simpler structure and clean lines. So they will complement traditional houses with simple architecture. These coverings also give DIY shutter projects for a true craftsman because of their basic configuration. Flat panels are a prominent solution for tall windows. 


To conclude, exterior window shutters can give traditional architecture of a dwelling because of their elegant silhouettes and amazing designs. The designs shared above are a great way to add charm, character, and curb appeal to your house. So we shared all of the information you need to make for a smart purchase of exterior window shutters. 


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