Top Ways to Find the Right Size Lamp for Your Bedside Table


A night light or lamp is an ideal product to have during long winter nights. After a considerable amount of time spent while reading, you may realize the light is not sufficient and it is a big concern for those who sleep late.

Nothing beats the comfort of switching off the lights and relaxing in bed under the warmth of a right-sized bedside lamp. So, what could be the top ways to find the right size lamp for your bedside table? Well, let us find out.

There are plenty of things to consider before you get a bedside table lamp of your choice. Let’s find out what are those steps are to make sure you get the best bedside table lamp.

Choosing the right height for your bedside table lamp

The height factor depends on the purpose a table lamp will be used for. How? Let’s find out.

Reading purpose

You need a tall lamp at your bedside while reading in the bed. Its height will spread the light sufficiently on the book. Ideally, the bottom of a lampshade may be in the range between your shoulders and the chin area. This will offset the light glare with no major hiccup.

It’s not only the height of the lamp part which matters for throwing the light at ample height. You should consider the lamp base height as well. This height normally comes at the same level for both the mattress and bedside lamp. This height can fluctuate between 60 up to 68 cm.

The tricky part comes in counting when mattress height is lower than the bedside, then you should opt for a bedside lamp with lesser height to offset the difference. You can put a book under the base lamp to increase its overall height.

Decoration purpose

If you are using the bedroom table lamp sets as a decorative item then it hardly matters what’s the height. Its height doesn’t matter if you are using your bedside lamp as a light for reaching the bed in the dark.

Choosing the perfect shade for your lamp

Choosing the right shade for the lamp will define several things in the room and your fashion taste. Nowadays lampshades have become more than an item of decoration and interest. They radiate and diffuse the light and make it count as a persistent and rich fashion note in the room.

Lampshades are so much to offer. An opaque lampshade will throw a lot of light, whereas a non-transparent she will help reduce light glare.

Lampshades look decent and very attractive in proportions to the table lamp base. The width of a lampshade is twice the width of the widest part of the lamp. For a thin lamp base, go for a lampshade having identical width and height of the shade.

How Wide Should Your Bedside Lamp Be?

This is in continuation about the bedside lamp’s width. By now, you know that the best height for a bedside table lamp is 30 inches. Some table lamps maybe even taller, but they will look good in dining or living rooms, surely not a hit as bedside lamps.

The size of the lamp in the bedroom is actually mimicking the bed’s giant presence. So anything smaller on such a huge fixture will make both lamps, and the bed out of proportion.

The thumb rule for bedside table lamps suggests getting a wider table lamp for wide mattresses. For a king-size bed, the lamp base width should be 4 to 7 inches, and height not over 30 inches.

Lamp neck should be exposed?

This is not as a simple task as it may look though. Usually, the neck of a lamp is metallic stuff having an on/off button. An inch or two of the neck may be exposed to the naked eye. A large lampshade will definitely overwhelm the base and the neck part will and no-show impact. A little lampshade will make the neck look like a tiny floppy hat on the base.

A bedside lampshade will show a bit of its neck but not too bold. Use colors of your choice that will amplify the shade to make the room vibrant.

Some home décor experts suggest that a proper fitting lamp shade shows only a little neck.

What Colour Temperature Should The Bulb Be?

Professionals and passionate décor designers now refer to wattage as color temperatures.

You may like to have a daylight bulb in the living area; lighting experts not suggesting the same but people use it.

You may ask for a warm light in your bedroom. Go with LED bulbs for 2700 to 2800k temperature each with 200 to 400 lumens output.

Remember, that LED light is the best energy-efficient bulbs. They need less replacement and have minimal contribution towards utility bills.

The usual watt number would show how much electricity the bulb will consume to give a certain light. Now LEDs are using less energy but giving the same amount of light.  Whereas, LUMENs measure how much light comes through.

Please remember that 2700k refers to colour temperatures, the “k” shows how cool or warm a light bulk can be.

Create Balance

This completes all input you may need to know about getting the best bedside table lamp. Now you can decide how to create the balance between the size of your bedside, headboard, and the bedside table lamp.

Remember your lamp should not be over 1.5 times greater than the height of the bedside table. The lampshade show also no wider than the table tops.

Consider measuring the widest area of your lamp, which is usually the base of the shade. The total lamp width should be a third or two-thirds of your table width, maximum.

These sizes defined will create the balance you should love to have in the bedroom for the best looks.

Ceiling Lights

If you’re looking for a light fixture for your ceiling, you’ll want to consider ceiling lights. These types of lighting fixtures are hung from the ceiling and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Different models will protrude from the ceiling to various degrees, making them suitable for all areas except low-ceiling areas, basements, and water-intensive spaces. Because they cast light across a large area, they’re an excellent choice for larger rooms


So, look for a trendy lamp. It should complement the room décor. The bedside table lamp should be good enough to fit the space. Its right placement will stress its presence with no extra attention.

The size of the lamp and crystal flush mount light fixtures will play a crucial role in its looks and the light ambiance. As you have observed that the lampshade, the lamp base has great connectivity with the size of the bedside, headboard, and the lamp itself. Anything not within the standard sizes will kill the plot for lighting.

So choose a bedside table lamp that balances soft light and its style you love. You have a variety of lampshade textures, colours, sizes, designs, and patterns to choose from.

Choose a bedside table lamp the will complement the overall décor feelings and your mood.

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