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Every person dreams of owning a house that looks straight from the pages of Architectural Digest magazine. If you hold similar aspirations but lack the necessary budget to transform your simple home into a luxurious abode, here are a few tips shared by home décor professionals that will help you. You will find how these professionals choose seemingly simple décor ideas and transform the space entirely. Taking cues from these ideas, you can also make a nice change to your house. 

Add a Lacquer Wallpaper on your Living room Wall

If you do not want to get your living room walls repainted with a fresh and new coat of paint, no worries, you can always put up a lacquer wallpaper on one of the walls and see the change it brings to this area. This way, three of your walls may have neutral painted walls, with one with vibrant and lacquer wallpaper adding a subtle character to this space. On the painted walls, you can always hang a lot of paintings to perk up this area. Place a mosaic or geometrical-designed striped wool carpet on the floor to complete the look.

Transform the look of your hallway

If you think that your hallway is looking very dull and dreary and need some attractive touches to make it look attractive, here is a simple way to do it. You can drape the walls with floral wall art in vibrant hues. Place a console table by the side of the wall where you can keep lovely brass planters and other décor objects. Place a long vertical carpet or rug to complete the look. Imagine a hallway with bright floral blue coloured wallpaper and a console table in the same colour. You can place a bunch of fresh blooms to perk up this area.

Stairwell Area

When it comes to your staircase area, you can go for many additions to make this space look spectacular. Start from hanging paintings on the staircase walls. Hang wall hangers grom where you can hang quirky and interesting hangings. Place a jute rug on the staircase or get it wall-to-wall carpeted in a darker shade. It will make it look clean for a long time. Place a lot of planters on the landing and the staircase if the area is broader. The addition of greens to the area will make it pop up and look great. If the landing is broad, you can also place a small wooden table and chair where you can read books while enjoying sunlight streaming in from the tall windows.  

Mix and Match in the Living Room

When it comes to your living room, the heart of your home, you can go ahead with your decorating ideas with no holds barred. If possible, you can change the upholstery of your chairs, sofas, and couches and replace them with something attractive and elegant. Depending on the hues you choose for the upholstery, you can choose lighter or darker curtains and rugs. You can also go floral in this area. Choose rugs in floral pattern and upholstery in plain, neutral shades for a mix and match look. If you have lounge chairs placed in the area, choose velvets in a matching shade and make it the focal point of your room. 

Kitchen décor

Coming to the kitchen area, you can use a lot of fantastic ideas to transform its look. If your kitchen is huge and has an L-layout, you can still add an island kitchen to it. Build in-built cabinets below this countertop. Here, you can store a lot of heavy utensils. Place a granite or any other attractive countertop on it to make it a comfy work area. Some people use this area for cooking preparations. Hang a pendant light over this area and make it the focal point of the kitchen. Next, clean the windows, put up linen or cotton curtains, and allow natural sunlight to stream inside. Hang planters on the window for a dash of green. 

Feature Walls in Your Bedroom

If you are looking to change your bedroom’s look, you can go for a feature wall in the bedroom. Let the other walls stay as it is but change one wall into a feature wall. Use a dark coloured wall in grays or blacks to add moodiness to this wall. Complement it with a headboard made up of wood and crisp white bedding. Always go easy on the furniture placed in the bedroom, giving it a breathing space. If you put many tables, chairs, and other furniture items, it will lose its vibe. Add a lot of pictures on the wall to make your walls add to this space’s character. 

These are very simple and easy to implement home decor ideas that can help you transform the look of various parts of your home. There is no need to spend exorbitantly to bring a transformational change to your humble abode as even these simple changes will do the task. 

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