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A good 20 Gallon Air Compressor is a perfect tool for both professional and homeowner. Your garage or workshop is not complete if you don’t have any air compressor power tools. Air compressor is useful for ranges of instruments such as air wrenches, sandblasting, tire pumps, air curtains, or other equipment. 

Having an air compressor is essential to work perfectly and smoothly. The size of air compressor you will need will depend on the tools you want to use its power. There are several features to assist you in choosing the best power tools for the job.

Let start the review with our selected 7 best 20 gallon air compressor, and each power tools will be review based on their great features, pros, cons and our expert opinion.

The Comparison Table Of Our Favorite Picks

Industrial Air IL1682066   159 Ibs 4.2
DEWALT DXCMPA   166 Ibs 4.0
WEN 2202   86 Ibs 4.2
NorthStar Single-Stage   205 Ibs 4.3
Porter Cable PXCMF220VW   97 Ibs 4.2
Campbell Hausfeld   92 Ibs 3.9
Eagle EA-6500   132 Ibs 4.8


The 7 Best 20 Gallon Air Compressor


Industrial Air IL1682066 – 20 Gallon Air Compressor For The Money

The air compressor with 20 gallons is great tools that provide decent and efficiency service compared with other compressors on the market. Industrial Air IL1682066 is one of the durable air compressors with fast adjustment controller, which can be adjusted easily and rapidly without complications. This tool also has other features like counters. There’s even an on / off switch mechanism, which ensures easy turn on and off of the system.

The air compressor was built with an incorporates cast iron cylinders to minimize heat. It also contributes to optimizing CFM and increasing pump life. The tools come with a dual-voltage motor that is well wired for 120 volt sockets to achieve a typical output of 120 Volts. It can also transform the dual-voltage motor into a 240-voltage device. It has tires which offer maximum portability and easy transportation.


  • Reliable power and Performance
  • Easy operation and maximum portability
  • Quick set regulator
  • Features on / off switch
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy duty task
  • Costly
  • Heavy

Our Verdict

Industrial Air IL1682066 is one of the best 20 gallon air compressors performs effectively with a steady air compressor and perfect pushed under difficulty situation. Large pneumatic wheels and handle make the device useful and easy to be move quickly from one place to another.


DEWALT DXCMPA – Best 20 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor

This Dewalt DXCMPA has a lot of strength, and it is one of the most powerful tools in the market. Although this air compressor is smaller in form than an average air compressor.

For starters, there is no shortage of ability. It produces a constant pressure of 255 PSI to ensure adequate power for all tasks.

Also, in terms of airflow at 90 psi, you can get a high CFM of 5.7. You can execute 3 or more nails at a time with these PSI and CFM rate.

The ASME-rated cartridge offers extra protection when moving from place to place, and the tires encourage always travel.

All this power tool features are compelling and built for long service durability. The dual-cylinder cast iron pump has an aluminium head, which much faster dissipates heat than a reliable cast iron machine.

For optimum output and service life, it also uses vehicle-style ball bearings, stainless steel piping valves and an easily accessible oil filler collar.

The meter comes with an output of 120 volts, and you should plan to hold it close to that outlet to avoid power outages that would harm the engine. It is a dual-voltage induction motor with the ability to be modified for those that have access to a 240 V circuit so that you can switch it on for a higher voltage.

It’s the high flow regulator that sets this compressor apart. It offers 20 per cent more torque than tools on this list and also has larger CFM than nearly any other unit.

If there were a brand other than Dewalt, I’d probably be suspicious of this superior CFM feature. With a 2 year warranty on the pump and a year on all other parts, this is the type of compressor you would love to have at your workshop. You can easily move it from place to place to provide vigorous air supply for all my equipment.

If you’re tired of having an issue with air supply and want a compact air compressor, then this is a great choice.


  • Easy to operate with on-board control
  • Powerful with heavy duty voltage
  • Maximum portability with pneumatic wheels
  • Great handle for easy transportation


  • Costly

Our Verdict

Dewalt is a powerful air compressor that offers steady air supply to powered all your instrument. The easy transportation of this best 20 gallon air compressor also makes it versatile to be used at any place.


WEN 2202 – Best Rated 20 Gallon Air Compressor

The principal features of this tool is its portability and ease of use. This air compressor only weighs 86 Ibs, although it might seem heavy, with high-quality and all great features it offers, this air compressor is not heavy.

Moreover, it has solid wheels with an excellent grip which to allow users to transport it to any construction site easily.

It also comes with a good user friendly handle. Another thing which makes the WEN 2202 genuinely outstanding is its durability. This tool is durable to be used for all whole day without having any issues.

Only quality parts are used for this device’s design which is very useful. The reservoir is constructed from reinforced concrete. If after 2 years of purchasing the tool, something wrong with this air compressor or it develop any technical fault. There is a warranty for repairs and replacements that will cover that for you.

The WEN 2202 is a compact with vertical design air compressor is an oil lubricated tool is a powerful tool that should be reckoned due to its pressure and strength. The air compressor can also provide a pressure of 135 PSI is remarkable. Also, these tools have an easy to reach quick drain valve.

You will also get 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI, although this system has a dual pressure scale for the 5.0 CFM option at 40 PSI and to ensure users have the correct pressure.


  • Oil lubricated power tool
  • Versatile and dependable
  • Features 2 rubber footed legs and 2 wheels for maximizing stability
  • Powerful with 15amp motor
  • On board handle for easy transportation


  • Noisy

Our Verdict

WEN 2202 is one of the best 20 gallon air tool with a remarkable 135 PSI. With this power tool, you will get 3.5 CFM at 90 PSI which incredible. It also has easy to use features with 2 year warranty.


NorthStar Single-Stage – Best 20-30 Gallon Air Compressor

It can look like a small air compressor because of its compact size but don’t let that deceive you. For any garage or warehouse, including certain commercial stores, this power tool is suitable for such for the place due to its efficient and sturdy features. This air compressor delivers a maximum of 135 PSI; 90 PSI for 5.0 CFM; and 40 PSI for 6.0 CFM. This device’s pump life is 5000 hours, and the noise level is 80dB, which is very quiet as compared to other similar models.

You will love the 2 HP engine which delivers 105 to 135 PSI, because of the durable cast iron construction with a pump life more extended durability. This air compressor will give you years of enjoyment if properly operated and managed. It is also designed to run at 115 volts, but if you have expertise with electrical work, you can modify it to 230 volts. And one of the most notable features of the power tool is its portability. It comes with flat tires that make moving around of the tool easy around workshop or garage, and even at different workplaces.

This 20 gallon air compressor has default than the price. Those that have purchased this power tool were fond of using it and cruel about its reliability and efficiency. It is one of the best air compressors available in the market. You would be a great idea to buy this air compressor for your workshop activities.


  • Built in regulator to control air pressure
  • Dual crankshaft for smooth running
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • V-twin pump w/cast iron head
  • Belt drove to operate quietly


  • Heavy and costly

Our Verdict

The single-stage NorthStar Belt Drive is undoubtedly a quality, highly engineered model with robust parts which are easy to install and use. If you purchase this great 20 gallon air compressor and you’re not going to be disappointed, as the tool has a lot of features to suit your needs.


Porter Cable PXCMF220VW – Best Upright Air Compressor

Porter cable PXCMF220VW is an excellent power tool with a lot offer such as overall quality and other features that offer simplicity to all other tools. If you check at the tool specs, you’ll see that this tool work at max. delivery of 150 psi.

Another great feature of this tool is its power of 1.5 HP engine which use 120 voltage of electricity. Firstly, the 1.5 HP engine is powerful, which make these power tools to operate without downtime. This tool has a low key start up feature to avoid receiving over voltage. Oil-free pump features offer excellent further maintenance when using it.

Selecting this Porter Cable PXCMF220VW is the right decision due to vertical model design that enable you to keep other instruments, as it will occupy little space with your workshop. Moreover, the 2 flat wheels enable the power tool to be easily transported, particularly for works outside the workshop. This model is a lightweight tool as it weighs 97 lbs, which adds to the tool advantage over other models.

But the Porter cable PXCMF220VW does not stand out in terms of capacity as other tools with 20 gallon air compressors can be found with higher horsepower. Additionally, the tank filling time is long, which means that you have to wait a bit to allow the process to be completed. Above all, this is a useful tool that should not be ignored if we consider the tool affordability and other features.


  • Low key start up features
  • Oil free induction motor
  • High quality with durable motor
  • Great with dependable, long timer performance
  • Low noisy


  • Tank refill is time consuming
  • Costly

Our Verdict

We liked this product because it is not only better for the atmosphere but also provides extreme air pressure so you can power several devices with it.


Campbell Hausfeld – Best Portable Vertical Air Compressor

The Campbell Hausfeld DC200000 is built to give all of your jobs a professional touch. It’s built especially for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. This is another low maintenance air compressor, as it does not have oil. The oil-free nature improves its longevity; besides that, it requires minimal maintenance.

The air compressor is also fitted with a potent 1.3 HP engine. It can produce 4 CFMs with a maximum pressure of 150PSI, at 90 PSI. A 120 volt electric or gas cable can be used to operate the unit.

Furthermore, the Campbell Hausfeld DC200000 is equipped to handle workshop and garage lighting projects. This power tool also comes with an easy to read and well designed control panel for improved air management. It can also be used for painting, inflating, tightening and screwing purposes.


  • Suitable for a variety of projects
  • Powerful with maximum 150PSI
  • Fully enclosed induction motor
  • Suitable for DIYs projects
  • Durable with oil free pump


  • Noisy
  • Low horsepower

Our Verdict

This Campbell Hausfeld DC200000 tool is exceptionally durable and perfect for ranges of work, especially most lightweight tasks, which make it the best 20-gallon air compressor for people who enjoy doing-it-yourself projects.

Get today Campbell Hausfeld DC200000, for ranges of features and affordability.

Eagle EA-6500 – Best Compressor To Work With

Thanks to the low-speed motor of the tool that decreases noise, heat and friction and make the air compressor one of the quietest tools among the 20-liter air compressors in this guide. It is these features that allow the tool to deliver twice the intake air.

The robust 2.5 HP engine can be conveniently used to fill the air compressor air tank easily and efficiently. This 20 gallon produces 125 PSI maximum pressure.

Several working activities can be easily get done with this best air compressor easily without having to be bothered about the power tool noise. These quiet features make the Eagle flexible, as well as permanently robust for use.

The perforated octagonal tires are suitable for rugged terrain and increase mobility. It also has less wear and leads to a longer service life. There is also an integrated control panel to lock the pressure regulator to run more than one unit at a time, allowing for simple double-adjustable pressing. The sleek steel surface provides the indicators with extra protection and is designed for easy reading.

Thanks to its powerful engine that is capable of producing 7.9 CFM at 40 PSI and 6 CFM at 90 PSI for the unit. So this is an excellent choice if you need high CFM value for your project. You get a dual-piston oil-free pump for this air compressor which is extremely handy.


  • Powerful Performance with noiseless sound
  • 2 piston oil free pump
  • Fast tank refill with 2.5 HP
  • Suitable for professional tasks
  • Suitable to be used at anytime


  • Costly
  • Low maximum PSI

Our Verdict

We liked this product because it’s can be used at any time due to its noiseless sound, it also has an impressive durability lifetime, so it’ll last a longer period.


Buying Guide

The best 20 gallon air tool is essential for a range of house and workshop maintenance projects. This enough is enough for driving medium velocities of tools like nails, latches, wrenches, etc. The power tool will allow you to rotate or inflate tires, did some home tasks or workshop any form of your choice, either commercial or DIYs.

Meanwhile, the compressors are compact and are fitted with big, easy to use pneumatic wheels. For car owners and enthusiasts, 20 gallon air compressor is perfect. If required, don’t forget to employ a skilled electrician to connect the unit, convert its voltage and service the compressor. Check here for more details on buy guide of 20 gallon air compressor.


How big of an air compressor do I need to run air tools?

The perfect size for most high-quality consumer applications is 20 gallon air compressor. Although this size is suitable for a small shop owner and DIYs lover which for industrial activities, this size is not suitable. So, for personal use, a 20 gallon air compressor is enough to fulfil your needs. A typical 1/2 inch valve includes at least a 50 PSI 50 CFM compressor, or a 90 PSI 6.25 to 7.5 CFM compressor. If you are using several devices, sum there CFM  together and see if your compressor can handle it.


How long do air compressors last?

Air compressors are a good investment as they can serve you for 20-30 years or one gallon capacity for an annual. This means you will get 40,000 to 60,000 hours of service, and some also have a long year warranties.


Final Words+Recommendations

We have come to the end of this guide about the best 20 gallon air compressor. 7 good products were selected and vividly reviewed. All our reviewed air compressor are powerful and durable tools that can be used to power other tools to execute your project.

These compact 20 liter compressors are handy tools in any workshop or home project. They are usually cheap, very flexible, from inflating tires, spray painting and riveting to a range of applications. Choose one of our 20 gallon air compressors provided in this article to simplify your project process and get it complete quickly.

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