Top 5 Power Tools No WoodWorker Should Live Without

Tools for Woodworkers

A number of woodworking beginners are concerned about their ability to afford an entire shop full of power tools to get them started. Thankfully, there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune when you are venturing into the field of woodworking.

A beginning woodworker does not need a whole arsenal of the most expensive woodworking tools at this point of the journey. In fact, the top 5 power tools highlighted below are truly all that are needed to get started. Best of all, most of these power tools are relatively inexpensive. With these 5 tools, there are quite a number of projects that can be tackled by a beginner.

Cordless Drill

The cordless drill finds its place among the top 5 power tools because it is obviously more portable than its corded counterpart. Though it is more expensive than the corded drill, the level of flexibility it provides is certainly worth the additional cost. The lack of access to electrical outlets is not a problem when using a cordless drill.

Circular Saw

There are a number of individuals who view the circular saw as being more of a piece of carpentry equipment than a fine woodworking tool. However, there are those who would disagree. There is quite possibly no other simple handheld power tool that is as resourceful as a circular saw. Using this incredible tool in combination with a clamp-on straight-edge makes the precision virtually equal to that of a table saw.

In addition, the saw impressively handles a large number of the jobs that would be attempted with a table saw. This is specifically so as it relates to cutting sheeted goods such as medium-density fiberboard and plywood. Whenever you want to create woodworking projects on a budget, a good-quality circular saw should be among the very first handheld power tool that you buy. That is largely because it is highly likely that this tool will prove to be the most beneficial as you start off.

Miter Saw

The miter saw is another major purchase that should be considered by the beginner who is serious about perfecting his or her craft. The miter saw is not as pricey as a good-quality table saw; however, this amazing tool is instrumental to the proper cutting of compound angles such as the combination, beveled and mitered cuts done on the ends of pieces of stock. Once your capability of making accurate cuts with one of these saws has been developed, you will soon realize that the circular saw is spending a bit more time in in idle mode than it did previously – Visit protoolzone and read their miter saw guide.

Table Saw

After you have started the process of building your arsenal of handheld power tools and you have had the time to practice and become more skilled with using them, you will be ready to make what is, highly likely, the most important and most costly purchase of a major tool. For every woodworking shop, the table saw is the core around which all the other pieces of equipment are organized and utilized. As such, you will want to acquire the best table saw that you can comfortably afford within your budget.

It is important to spend the time learning which table saw features you actually want and the ones that best suits your needs and fits within your budget. You can conduct a bit of research to find out about the most common features. You will also learn how to figure out the features you need. In addition, it is important to determine whether the features are built to last or merely added on to the tool as attractive selling features.

Jig Saw

The Jigsaw, which is also known as a Sabre Saw, is another remarkable woodworking tool every beginner should acquire. This awesome tool makes it possible for users to cut stock patterns in circular and curved shapes. It is definitely true that a band saw will possibly be more precise and have the capacity to cut thicker stock. However, where the beginner is concerned, the jigsaw can be tremendously effective. For optimum versatility, go for a corded, orbital-action jigsaw that feels great in your hand and have the added bonus of an easy blade-changing system.

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