Things to Consider before Buying a Cordless Drill/Driver

Cordless DrillDriver

There are plenty of reasons why you should upgrade to cordless tools if you are still using manual equipment. First, everything will be so much easier as the small machines will do most of the work for you. Second, you will finish tasks faster so you can do more even with a short amount of time. Third, your realm of possibilities will expand thanks to the features and abilities of your new tools.

If you have decided to buy some for yourself, then the only thing left to do is to survey the options and make your picks. There are a few factors that you should consider, with some being practical and others being technical in nature. Study each of them and decide what would be best for your own personal use. Reading cordless drill reviews will also be helpful.

Practical Considerations in Cordless Drills

1. Comfort

What seems great on paper may not always be that good in real life. Perhaps some people would be happy with a certain model but not with others because of personal circumstances. For example, a tool may be powerful but it is also very heavy and bulky, making it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. Unless the project really requires that much brawn, perhaps using a smaller tool with better ergonomics would be a better way to go. Something feels nice and balanced in the hands could also be ideal.

2. Price

It is an inescapable reality that we must consider the cost of all our purchases. The good news is that there are so many options across a wide range of prices. You should be able to find something that you can afford no matter what your budget may be. Of course, the bigger your purse, the better your options will be. Full kits can go for several hundred dollars or even more if you go for the premium brands. The cheapest products can be acquired for less than a hundred dollars. Get the best cordless drill for the money by comparing multiple options.

3. Compatibility

This is a big deal in the world of hardware as each of the manufacturers tend to create their own proprietary designs. Batteries will only fit across the same product line and be useless with others. Therefore, once you purchase a kit from one brand, you are likely to be locked into their ecosystem unless you are willing to spend more to get a full kit from another company. If you already have tools around your house, then you should probably stick to that brand unless you are keen to try others.

Technical Considerations

1. Tool Type

Cordless tools come in various designs. If all you want is an all-around companion, then go for a cordless drill/driver with multiple attachments. Most people will be satisfied with this one go-to device in their arsenal. Its versatility is unmatched. That being said, it has limitations that buyers should be aware of. For example, it may not be small or slender enough to be used effectively in tight spaces. This situation will require a right-angle drill which is specifically designed for the job, but can also do what regular drills can.

2. Battery Life

Most brands will offer batteries of at least two sizes. One will be smaller than the other and hold less charge, but it will be lighter and top off quicker. This will be good for quick jobs like drilling a few holes on drywall to hang frames and similar tasks. On the other hand, the bigger capacity battery will be bulkier and hold a greater amount of charge for all-day work. Pair this with a quick charger so that you don’t have to wait a long time for the process to finish – you can even tackle the biggest house in the world using today’s battery technology in cordless drills.

3. Chuck Size

Be mindful of the chuck size of the tool. This will indicate the upper limit in terms of the bit that it can accept. If you are doing major work with hard surfaces, then opt for the largest chuck size you can find. However, most people will probably be fine with a moderate size like half an inch.

4. Speed and Torque

Check the specifications of the tool to see the speed and torque. The speed will be indicated in RPMs which is the number of revolutions per minute when there is no load. In the most advanced tools, this can be controlled for greater finesse when dealing with sensitive materials. Torque, on the other hand, is the ability of the tool to apply rotational force. Higher is usually better, though it comes at a price.

5. Power Rating

Power will certainly help make hard jobs easier. With greater power comes higher torque which is ideal for those dealing with large and stubborn fasteners. Beware, however, as this power also means a heavier motor and a lofty price tag.

Final thoughts:

All though there’s a lot of cordless drills to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the top three drill brands: Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee.

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