What Is a Water Softener and Why You Might Need one

water softener

A Water softener is a commonly used filtration system for your home water if hard water is present. This system aims to remove hardness-causing minerals, aka magnesium and calcium, from your home water through a scientific process known as ion exchange.

Why use a water softener filtration system?

If you’ve had your water tested and you know you have hard water, then it would be in your best interest to invest in a softener system. A lot of mechanical issues will arise when lime builds up in your pipes – faucets clog up and gasket sealers fail over time — it’s not worth the added cost or headache to put off..

What’s limescale?

Scale or limescale is a chalky substance made of calcium and magnesium bicarbonate.

  • It sticks with pipes and affects the smooth flow of water in the pipes.
  • The problem doesn’t end here. When you use water in your coffee maker and washing machine, this scale builds up, causing water leakage.
  • Constant use of hard water becomes a reason for your water appliance’s damage.
  • That means you will have to replace your old device with a new one.

Instead of replacing your water pipes or home appliances, you better nip the evil in the bud by changing hard water with the soft one.

How do water softeners work?

This system is based on ion exchange technology. It comes with a mineral tank full of resin beads- plastic beads made of polystyrene. These beads have a negative charge. Calcium and magnesium cause water hardening; both minerals have a positive charge. As plus and minus charge attract each other, beads inside the mineral tank make bonds with calcium and magnesium when water passes through this tank. As beads have removed magnesium and calcium, water that comes out of this tank has sodium in it- no more hardness-causing minerals. This soft water is quite suitable for household use.

What Signs to Look for to Tell if I need one?

Now you know what a water softener system is and how it works. The next question that will come into your mind is whether you need this device for your home or not. If that’s what you are wondering about, then it’s time to know about six signs that tell you that you need the best water softener at your place.

#1 Your Skin and Hair are Itchy or Dry

If your skin type is oily, but it’s turning dry and scaly with time despite the fact you are using your routine moisturize, it’s when you need to look into your water. When you apply shampoo on your wet hair and don’t notice the lathery texture, it’s a clear sign that you have hard water. This type of water contains high percentages of calcium and magnesium that stay on your face and don’t dissolve in water, causing excess dryness on your skin and hair.

#2 Your Laundry Cost Rises

When you pour hard water into your machine, it requires more detergent than soft water. If you go with an average quantity of detergent, then your clothes will fade and gray. One way to deal with gray cloth shade is to add liquid water softener detergent, which costs you more money than regular detergent. Either way, your laundry cost boosts up. In case you want clean detergent and soft cloths, you need to get the best water softener.

#3 Your Sinks and Bathtubs have Stains

As soon as tap water evaporates, whatever is left behind is the minerals. In case your home has hard water, you often see the residue of calcium and magnesium on your bathtub and sinks. You will have to scrub hard to keep these areas neat and clean.

#4 You Start Spending More on Plumbing Repair

Hard water has more minerals inside it. Water pressure inside pipes slows down due to excessive minerals and limescale buildup will happen inside your pipe at a faster rate. When you have steel pipes, they don’t withstand much with hard water, as they get damaged easily from limescale buildup. It would be best if you replace them with copper and PVC pipes. To keep water flow intact inside the lines, you will have to spend money on plumbing repair and maintenance from time to time.

#5 The Lifespan of Home appliance Reduce

You will notice that your dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine has a shorter lifespan than before. It’s because your home’s pipes have hard water flow that causes limescale buildup inside these appliances, resulting in either water leakage or permanent damage.

#6 Your Water Bill is very high

Every month you check your water bill, you notice that it’s more than that of your old home. It’s time to go to the utility company and ask them to perform a water hardness test. If your home’s hardness level is higher, then it’s better to install the best water softener system in your home to decrease your water bills.


Hard water costs you more money as your water bills skyrocket; you will have to repeatedly repair your water pipes; you will replace your old appliances with a new one; you buy more detergent than regular use. You can control your monthly budget quickly by installing the best water softener system inside your home.

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