Choosing the Best Boiler for Your Household

Best Boiler

Time to invest in a new boiler? While the cost of a new boiler can seem daunting, choosing the most appropriate model for your home is a great investment for your future home, making sure you have as much heating and hot water as you need for many years to come. There are three main types of boiler – combi, system and heat only – which can offer different benefits, depending on your household’s unique needs. As your family grows, your energy usage will rise too; as a general rule, the bigger your home is, the more likely you are to need more power from your boiler. 

Best for family homes

Most homeowners looking to choose a new boiler for their family homes opt for a combi-boiler. The most popular choice of boiler for UK homeowners, combi-boilers use water directly from the mains to provide you with heating and hot water instantly. As well as meaning you’ll never be left waiting for your shower to warm up each morning, combi-boilers also remove the need for a cumbersome hot water tank inside your home. This way, you can enjoy unlimited hot water whenever you need it, as well as saving precious storage space as your family grows. 

If you want to learn more about the best combi-boiler option for you, BOXT stock a wide range of high quality brands, alongside next day delivery and competitive pricing to ensure everyone has the heating and hot water they need, without blowing their budget.  

Best for smaller households

If you’re living in a smaller house or flat, you probably don’t have the extra loft or cupboard space that a more traditional boiler requires. Rather than a conventional or system boiler, more modern innovations in heating mean you can enjoy the same amount of power and heating, without sacrificing extra storage with an unwieldy hot water tank.

It’s also worth noting that most smaller homes with less than ten radiators, or only one bathroom, simply don’t need the larger heating capabilities of a more traditional boiler. Choosing a combi-boiler that can fit compactly into your home will help you stay warm and cosy, without wasting money or space. Instead of constantly heating your water, taking the plunge for a combi-boiler means you’ll only ever use the hot water and heating you need, too, giving you the extra benefit of saving money in the long run. 

Best for homes with multiple bathrooms 

Homes with more than ten radiators, or those with more than one bathroom, will benefit from boilers that have much more power behind them. If you have the space inside your home, you could consider investing in a modern system boiler. Rather than a combi-boiler that pulls both hot water and heating directly from the mains, a system boiler includes a separate hot water tank. This gives you greater security for hot water when needed, and so is a great consideration for bigger, busier homes, where multiple showers and taps could be running at once. However, it’s always worth discussing your boiler needs with an expert, to make sure your boiler can effectively heat your home, without putting too much strain on your energy bills.  

Best for eco-friendly homes 

More and more of us are now looking at ways we can shop ethically, as well as make our homes as sustainable as possible. As one of the biggest energy outputs in your home, your heating and hot water supply could make a huge difference to both your energy usage, and your heating bill at the end of each month. Because combi-boilers only heat up your home and water when you need them to, rather than constantly storing and heating water, you’ll see a huge amount of energy saved, that would otherwise have gone to waste. Many modern boilers also include smart features that help you save money and energy, by giving you complete control over both when and how long you have your heating switched on. 

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