7 Top Tips to Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring Like A Pro

7 Top Tips to Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring Like A Pro

Planning to install your luxury vinyl floors yourself? While it may seem ambitious, it’s not an impossible task. If you have prior experience installing vinyl flooring, this will be a breeze. If you don’t, these tips will come in handy.

Remember, badly installed vinyl, or any flooring for that matter, is a liability in the long run. So, take plenty of time to understand your capabilities before making that commitment. It is highly suggested that you watch videos and read articles (such as this, so good for you!) to help you navigate the process.

Now, let’s learn how to install vinyl flooring like a pro, even if you’re not!

Useful Tips to Apply When Installing Vinyl Flooring

Keeping these handy tricks in mind can help you install vinyl floors better.

  1. Try Samples

Get samples of vinyl flooring from your local flooring store. If you are unable to access them in person, contact them online to request they send you samples.

The light in your home and the colour of your walls can change the way these samples look on your floor. When you actually check samples, it gives you a better understanding of how exactly that floor is going to look in your surroundings. This is a good way to gauge the look and feel of the final installation.

2. Order Extra

A lot can go wrong with a first-time installation, so allow room for errors. While DIY projects seem fun (and they are, usually), they are not without their challenges. Nothing is worse than having to stop your project midway because you have run out of material. Even worse is when stores don’t have the exact same material.

Don’t buy too much. It is best to order 5% to 8% more than you think you need. This will help you stay prepared in the event of any defects, waste, mistakes, or if you wish to refinish another area. Having a little more is also great for future repairs.

3. Get The Best In Your Budget

The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it is super affordable. If you are shopping for your renovation materials online, you will find some as low as $0.79/sq .ft., but you get what you pay for. Changing your flooring is a commitment and it needs to last you for a while.

Investing in good quality vinyl flooring within your budget is better than choosing something simply because it’s cheap. Low quality flooring may not be stable and may present size mismatch issues, which will be a challenge to address for someone installing this type of flooring for the first time. And needless to say they won’t last long, so go for the best quality flooring you can afford.

  1. Invest In Underlayment

Underlayment helps to create a soft feeling underfoot, provides a measure of insulation, muffles sounds, and acts as a barrier against moisture.

While some luxury vinyl has good backing, the same cannot be said for cheaper variants. Buy underlayment that works with your luxury vinyl tile, if that is what you have purchased.

  1. Have the Right Equipment

Having the right tools on hand when you begin the installation process is essential. Make sure to have a tape measure, jigsaw, miter saw, utility knife, tapper, spacers, puller, and mallet ready.

If you find this overwhelming, find a professional flooring installer in your area to help with the project.

  1. Clean and Prep Your Floors

Before you start to install your vinyl floors, make sure the area is clean for installation. If you are installing over pre-existing floors, like tiles, clean the area properly, including the grout lines, to ensure your vinyl planks or tiles are installed well. Dirty, uneven floors will make it difficult for your vinyl to stick properly. Make sure to prep your floors well for better, even floors.

For a cleaner installation, start on the room’s longest exterior wall. This trick will result in straighter, cleaner lines.

  1. Acclimatize Your Planks

After unboxing your vinyl planks, sort them into piles of matching patterns. Doing this will help you install a symmetrical pattern.

Remember to acclimatize them before installing. Why do that? Acclimatization allows your vinyl to adapt to the ambient temperature and humidity of your home. It is recommended to acclimatize them at least 48 hours before installing them. Doing this minimizes the risk of expansion or contraction. So, when you use the glue-down method, this will make sure your planks have a chance to cure properly.

Installing your first vinyl floor can be a rewarding process. While it comes with challenges it requires certain considerations but, it is completely possible. Remember these tips for a better installation. It is highly recommended that you shop for your luxury vinyl planks in Mississauga, Toronto, or wherever you are, from a reputable flooring company. This will ensure the quality and fair prices of the product you buy. If you need help, or you are second-guessing your installation abilities, feel free to contact a well-regarded local flooring installation service.

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