5 Ideas For Custom-Designed Storage Solutions In Connecticut

Custom-Designed Storage Solutions

It doesn’t matter if your home is small or large; there will always be space issues. If it’s too large, you are going to face problems with placing your furniture. If it’s too small, then you are going to face difficulties with fitting all your furniture. Here having storage options according to the amount of space you have is what will help you. 

The ideas for custom-designed storage solutions in Connecticut are examples you can reference and customize further as needed. In Connecticut, about 1.3 million people are self-occupied, with the majority living by themselves. Not only people for jobs but students who enroll in the top universities of Connecticut are increasing every year.

Even with the increasing population, Connecticut has a good quality of life and job vacancies. Due to this, there was a significant need for the availability of more houses and space. To accommodate such needs, at least 58.9% of people living there live alone to avoid space issues.

5 Ideas For Customized Storage Solutions 

  • Cabinet Walls

The space gets filled easily when main rooms, such as the dining or drawing room, get cluttered due to shoes, umbrellas, bags, and other miscellaneous items. It is also unseemly for many people to have a cluttered drawing room where guests are supposed to be coming. In such scenarios, walls are beneficial to have a cabinet inside the wall or commonly named wall cabinets. They have an aesthetic appearance on the outside, whereas you can store items inside. 

You can customize the inner space and cabinets according to the need for storage from person to person. It ensures that even if various people use the same design or idea, it doesn’t appear to be common.

  • Floor To Ceiling Cabinets

Cabinets in the kitchen or your bedroom usually serve the purpose of holding miscellaneous items present in one place. At times more cabinets are needed in the kitchen to store these items. Here having floor-to-ceiling cabinets helps with increasing the storage space. These cabinets spread out from the bottom and touch the ceiling on the top. 

These are the most favorable custom-designed storage solutions in Connecticut, as they offer multiple shelves and ample storage space, combating the constant need for more space. These storage solutions are a must as Connecticut is the third smallest state in the USA. It even has one of the best healthcare and schools in the world. Along with that, it is the 29th most populated state. These factors collectively point toward the problem of a shortage of living areas in a few years.

  • Stair Cabinets

Connecting the upper and lower floors when your home has stairs inside can be a struggle. These stairs take up too much place while there is some place left, yet nothing much can be stored. The designers used innovative ideas to combat this problem, forming stairs that had drawers if they were small and cabinets if they were large enough. It makes it possible to store-bought small and big items in this place.  

  • Double Purpose Cabinets 

Similar to stair cabinets, these cabinets are built for multiple purposes and are used as a stool for sitting bedside cabinets, for keeping things, or other ways. You can customize these cabinets according to space and size needs. 

  • Thin Pantry Cabinets

Storing pantry items in the kitchen can be messy, not to mention how much space they take, even though they are small items. Thus, you can use a thin sliding door-like cabinet along the refrigerator with a few shelves for storage. It will take less space, can store various items, and the items inside can be easily accessed and will not spill as well. 


It is necessary for everyone to have ample space in their homes. When you have to prioritize your things over storage, you need to look for storage solutions. These solutions also serve aesthetic purposes for pleasing the eyes and adding a stylish look to your home. Along with that, these solutions help you save space in various areas and store your things safely.

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