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Spring Cleaning Pressure Washing 101: How Much PSI to Set for Deck Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing a deck might seem like a simple task. Just turn on your pressure washer and get to work, right? the issue with this mentality is that it’s actually really easy to misuse a pressure washer and end up incorrectly power washing your deck. Power washers have two high of a range of strength to not understand what you’re doing, because you can carve into a cinder block or wash delicate paint on your car depending on the setting. This guide is meant to help you make the correct selections with your power washer and successfully get your deck looking brand new.

The first order of business is deciding what kind of wood your deck is made of. For softer woods like cedar or pine, this is usually about 500 to 600 PSI. For harder woods you can actually get away with up to 1200 to 1500 PSI. The trick is using the lowest pressure setting that still effective for your type of material. Additionally, picking the right power washing tip is also important. For wood cleaning, generally a rotating tip or fan tip works best. You’re going to always want to start the water pressure in a safe area pointing away from people, glass, and even your deck. Testing the pressure on something that isn’t easy to damage is a great idea.

It’s recommended to keep the pressure in a range from around a foot to 18 inches from your deck. Never get closer than a foot from the deck unless you’re using very low pressure because, again, you can actually damage the wood on your deck. Once you’ve got the right distance and pressure worked out, use a sweeping motion with even pressure and distance and work your way through your entire deck typically starting from your house out. Try to run your pressure washer and stream with the grain of the wood instead of against it, and you should get an even and fantastic result with your Spring Patio Cleaning.

For Gutter Cleaning, you can use your pressure washer to make a quick job out of a usually laborious task. You can use a pressure washer with a gutter wand to blast away all of the debris in your gutters. With no ladder required, you can just walk around the perimeter of your house and spray the inside of your gutters from the ground. It’s a much safer and easier option then going up and down on a ladder and doing this entire job by hand. The safety advice we will offer here, is that you should probably wear safety glasses considering debris will be falling from above you. While you’re at it, you can also clean your siding. Using a similar approach as the deck, test out your pressure and get to work! 

For an easy and affordable option, call Ned Stevens gutter cleaning for a free quote today. Gutter cleaning can be a lot of work and can be dangerous, even with the best power washer and gutter washing attachment. You’ll even get $25 off your first-time gutter cleaning. Check out our other services such as gutter installation, gutter repair, and bug control. Since 1965 homeowners have chosen Ned Stevens for our exceptional quality of work and outstanding customer service, and you and your home will be no exception.

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