Bed Sizes & Mattress Dimensions – King, Queen, Double & Single Bed Size-Which is Best to You 

Are you looking to bring home a mattress so that you can have a sound sleep and wake up fresh for life every morning? 

If yes, then you may find many types of mattresses such as King, Queen, and Double and Single bed size, which may confuse you which one to buy. 

Hence, to help you choose the best mattress in India matching your needs, here is a post that will help you. Read on!



It is the best possible option for people who would like to spread out. It is because the typical measurements of king size beds are between 78 inches length and 72 inches width. King size beds are considered to be the best for people who let their pets sleep with them or kids. The king size mattress provides proper space and a comfortable area. However, the drawback of his kind of mattress is that you need a big room to fit it in. People looking for king size mattresses can order twin XL mattresses as they are easy to fit in the king size bed perfectly. 

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  • Queen size mattresses


Queen size mattresses are popularly sold as many people choose to prefer these types of mattresses. The average size for a queen size mattresses ranges between 78 inches length and 60 inches width. It is one of the best mattresses types that are available in India and its popularity says it. 


  • Full size or double bed mattresses 


The full size or double bed mattresses are typically sized between 54 inches breadth and 75 inches long. Generally, it is one and a half times larger when compared to a single bed. 

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  • Single bed mattresses


As the name suggests, single bed mattresses are smaller in comparison to other types. They are sized 75 inches and 36 inches wide. People like to buy single bed mattresses if they are living alone or if you are buying it for kids. 

The kind of mattresses that can be bought is governed by your requirement. While buying these mattresses, you should consider some factors such as their thickness, quality and diverse sizes. 

If you are someone who has a medical condition should opt for a mattress that is a bit firm and be able to keep your spinal cord in a straight posture. An average mattresses’ thickness range 4 inches to 10 inches. You can enhance the life of your mattress; you can cover it with a waterproof cover. It means that by doing that, it may not get dust inside it. You should also keep the mattress on a flat surface so that it helps in maintaining the shape of the mattress. Also, ensure that you don’t buy a used bed mattress. It should be brand new and unused. 

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Best mattresses types available in India 


  • Springtek Dreamer Bonnell Queen Spring Mattress


  • Length 75 inch x width 60 inch x thickness 6 inch 
  • Support type – Bonnell Spring 
  • Comfort layer – PU Foam  
  • Sag resistant mattress 

Price in India – Rs.8,500. 


  • Centuary Orthopaedic With Anti Microbial Technology Mattress 


  • Length 72 inch x width 72 inch x thickness 5 inch 
  • Support type – High resilience HR Foam 
  • Comfort layer – High resilience HR Foam 
  • Removable cover 

Price in India – Rs.13,600. 


  • SleepX APT by Sleepwell Single PU Foam Mattress 


  • Length 72 inch x width 36 inch x thickness 6 inch 
  • Support type – PU Foam 
  • Comfort layer – High resilience HR Foam 
  • Dual comfort mattress 

Price in India – Rs.6,000. 

You are now aware of the types of best mattresses available in India, along with the best types across leading brands. You can now buy one as per your needs and budget. 

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However, spending on a mattress at once may hurt your wallet. Thus, here is an easier buying alternative that will ease off the shopping. 

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