Benefits of Having a Security Roof Hatch

Roof Hatch

Roof hatches are now ordinary nowadays in commercial buildings and houses, for they can serve various purposes. However, special design security roof hatches provide high efficient security from intruders and avoid unauthorized access to your building or homes through your roof hatch. 

This material is ideal for commercial and residential structures used that feature a high efficiency of security and safety. These products come in various sizes and quality configurations and are customizable as well. 

Advantages of Security Roof Hatch

High-Quality Locks and Materials – It has a heavy-gauge material and features a heavy-duty lock and hinges to resist forced and prying entry. It has a detention lock, or the keyed cylinder that prevents the hatch from opening, and security fasteners and tamper-proof hardware throughout. 

Additional security features include security glazing for visual inspection, alarm activation, switches, and gun ports to have maximum-security applications. It has a high durability material, which is impossible for any person to destroy it right away. 

Increase Security Measures

It prevents trespassers from getting inside your property. It has a unique design and has high-efficiency security features. There’s no chance for any unauthorized person to get inside the building, giving you more confidence when you leave your home. 

Provide Safety and Easy Access -It provides easy and secure access to your roof with stair access or safe ladders during inspection or any maintenance work on the rooftop. You can also use it as scape access when an emergency occurs, such as fire, etc.

Dampen Outdoor Noise – Another benefit of having the product is that they lessen the outside noise and help keep quieter inside your home or building. Playing kids, dogs, and traffic are outside noises that successfully reduce sounds by this roof hatch. 

High Thermal Performance – This type of roof hatches is insulated with a heat-resistant material to ensure that it retains the high thermal performance and improves the insulative quality of your roof. 

Fire-Resistant – The fire-resistant insulation material will provide extra protection from fire to your home or building.

Customized Order It is customizable depending on the needs and requirements of your project to perfectly suit your unique specification including, a heavier gauge material with several modified, enhanced security padlocks, deadlocks, and bulletproof glass features. Because roofs drastically vary in thickness and sizes, customized order for these materials is essential to fit them securely in all situations.  

Perfect for Weather – This is also suitable if you live in an area where the weather condition changes significantly. They can effectively withstand severe weather conditions and provide a safe and comfortable home or building in such situations. 

Types of Facilities 

The type of facility which needs high-security roof hatches also influences the product selection. 

In facilities that need maximum security tolerance are highly recommended in embassies, pharmacies, prison cells, and banks. All exit and entrance, including roof openings, are highly protected from any unauthorized access.

However, in building roofing, whether it is a commercial or residential structure, a high-security roof is suitable for almost all roofing types. It has many features that will benefit you greatly in terms of access, safety, and security. 

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