Redesign and Beautify Your Attics


Most people overlook the attic since they view it as nothing more than just extra storage, and this space of the building is often left out. It also doesn’t help that this place is challenging to manage temperature-wise, but this space presents a potential for more than just storage. Here are ways on how you can spice up your attic:

#1. Extra Room for Guest

An attic is a great space to add a guest room. Putting up a bunk bed and adding a minimalistic or warm-colored design will enhance the aesthetic feel of the room. This room is perfect when you expect some people to stay in for the night or if you need an emergency room for a friend or relative to crash.

#2. Cozy Library

The attic represents a space that could become a haven for the imaginative minds of writers and book enthusiasts out there. It could become a great place to unwind and sip either tea, coffee, or hot chocolate while reading the latest novel. Adding cozy or light colors to enhance lighting will surely help add a comfortable couch, chairs, or bean bags.

#3. Gallery

Some people would like to marvel at their collections. The attic could also function as a gallery for such items. You can place priceless art such as painting, ceramics, or even sculptures. The priority here is to regulate the temperature and ensure that proper inspection and maintenance take place regularly.

#4. Gaming/Media Room

Due to the internet, many people are now making a living through streaming. The attic is a great space to have a streaming rig setup. Generally, it is a beautiful space as a gaming room, either console, PC, or tabletop games. It is also perfect as a media room to watch movies with friends or loved ones.

If, in any case, the wirings or ports are causing trouble, consider hiding them by using an Attic Access Panel drywall inlay flange that allows access to utility areas while tucking them away for safety and aesthetics purposes. It may help, but it is still best to consult a professional if you need a piece of solid advice.   

#5. Studio

Some attics are just too large that they can fit an entire studio-type apartment room. If this is the instance for your building, the attic can become a studio apartment that a prospective renter could rent. It could bring more income, but the attic can also convert to other types of studios. Here are two examples: 

Dance Studio

This concept is the most popular idea, mainly that there are more health-conscious people nowadays. A dance studio attic can also function as a gym of some sort for those people who can’t go out to work out. It is a perfect place to do yoga and aerobic exercises. The flooring needs some reinforcement for this type.

Music Studio

Many attics function as a music studio for many music enthusiasts that are out there. The most significant difficulty when converting an attic to a music studio is soundproofing. The entire room is a perfect place to record and create music. It is also an excellent place to work on new creative ideas.

#6. Extra Bathroom

This concept is a fun idea for most people. Either for necessity or luxury, converting the attic into an extra bathroom can provide a blissful place for showers and relaxation. There are things to consider first before deciding to do this, which mainly involves moisture control. Consult a professional first before doing anything. 

#7. Indoor Pool

This concept is a challenging idea because there are many things to work with before anything else begins. The flooring needs reinforcement as well as moisture and temperature control for the most part. Once done, this indoor pool area can become a party center for people who love social life. The inclusion of a bar is a possibility.

#8. Walk-in Closet

It is the most common concept for attic space. An extra closet, for some people, is a necessity. Many people need more closet space because it is where they store items for their budding clothing business or are planning to study design. Wealthy people, however, use it to keep their “haute couture” and other bespoke items. 


Planning to convert an attic space is a tedious but fun project. There are many ideas that one can do to this additional area. The office space idea did not make it on the list since it is not uncommon and t borderlines cliche. If there are objectives to convert the attic space into a different room, consider hiring a professional. They can provide additional advice and provide more options as well as proficiently and efficiently finish the project.

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