Getting Ready for Your Move Early Makes a Difference


There are so many complications with moving. It really pays off to think ahead and do as much as you can to reduce the financial burden, the scheduling hassles, and your packing chores. If you can start early, your move may be much smoother and simpler. Here are five ways to get ahead.

Research movers.  

You will need to find a mover as soon as you can establish a firm moving date. If you do the research ahead of time, you should have an idea of how crowded the schedules are. Even if you are driving the truck yourself, you need to hire your helpers.  There are only so many moving companies and movers to go around. You don’t want to get caught without the truck and strong backs you need on moving day.  If you need to take days off from work, go ahead and ask for one more than you think you’ll need. You may not need all of those days, but your workplace will be ready if you have already established those days off.

Schedule everything on an off-day.  

Did you know that scheduling your move midweek can help you find a mover? Many people sign the papers on their house on a Friday, but that doesn’t mean you have to move on a Saturday. In fact, you may want to pick a date early in the week to close on your new home. This will help you find a mover more easily.

Gather Supplies Early. 

Get packing supplies before you need them.  Starting early also gives you a chance to think about how you can save money. Perhaps you will use a certain credit card to get points. Maybe there are discounts that apply to buying in bulk. You won’t know until you start looking, and the sooner you sit down to study the problem, the more likely you can discover a way to save. You may be able to use free boxes and reduce your costs. It depends on your budget and how far you are moving. If you want to use free ones, you need to have plenty of time tracking down the best used boxes that are strong enough and clean enough for your purposes.

Reduce, Reduce, Reduce! 

Start sorting what you own as soon as you know there will be a move. The closer it gets to the move, the more serious you need to be. In your house, set up several bins where items should be put that will go to charity. There may be charities that will pick up boxes and furniture, so acting early should allow you to find those resources. When you are sorting, don’t forget the garage, attic or basement.  Often these are the last to get packed, and you can spare yourself a lot of aggravation. You should also start reducing the groceries you buy, opting for simpler meals over gourmet. 

Take Advantage of Self Storage 

In the case where people are consolidating households, renting a storage unit before the move can make decisions easier. This is especially helpful when two people with children get married.  Another time this is helpful is when you are moving an elderly person from a house into your home.  In both cases, people don’t want to get rid of things either for sentimental reasons or because they aren’t sure what will be needed.  Even if you decide to sell or donate what’s in the storage unit, you will have given yourself or the other person time to be sure that’s the right decision.

Every move is stressful even if it is for the happiest of reasons.  If you can start preparing early, you can save yourself a lot of frustration and possibly reduce how expensive the move will be. 

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