5 Tips For Office Cleaning

Tips For Office Cleaning

When it comes to the office, it is important that you clean it, but it can be difficult sometimes, so here are 5 tips for office cleaning. Cleaning and disinfecting your office no longer needs to be a difficult task, and as long as you keep these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to being an office cleaning master. 

If you are ready to get started cleaning your office, grab your employees or coworkers and the cleaning supplies, and let’s get started on cleaning!

PRO TIP: Read this article on what is office disinfecting before you get started!

Tip #1: Do All The Dusting First

The first thing you should do when you are cleaning your office is to complete all the dusting first. This will send everything onto the floor, which can then be swept or vacuumed up afterward towards the end of your office cleaning. Never do the dusting last otherwise, you will have to clean all over again. 

Tip #2: Vacuum The Floors Thoroughly

After you have completed your dusting and other major cleaning steps for your office, you should vacuum the floors thoroughly. If you have hardwood flooring in your office or tile flooring, then you should replace this tip with sweeping. Making sure that the flooring is kept clean will help make the office look better as a whole.

Vacuum The Floors
Vacuum The Floors

Tip #3: Wash The Windows With Warm Water

Another important thing to remember when you are cleaning your office is to wash any windows that may be in with warm soapy water. This helps ensure that the windows are thoroughly cleaned and devoid of dirt. Remember to pat the window dry if you can or use a window cleaner rather than wiping with a rag. This will cause your window to smear and leave undesirable streaks.

Tip #4: Remove Trash Twice A Day

It is also important that you are removing the trash from the office at least twice a day. This way, you can ensure that the trash does not pile up too much in the office. Having a lot of trash in the office can lead to sickness and bad smells drifting around the office, both of which you do not want in your office while you and your employees are working. 

Tip #5: Create A Cleaning Schedule For Yourself

Once you have gotten into the groove of cleaning your office, you should create an office cleaning schedule for you and your employees. This will help you and your employees keep on top of cleaning the office and ensuring that it is always kept clean. Not having a cleaning schedule can make it hard to want to clean on the regular. Having that schedule in place helps keep you and your employees responsible to each other and the schedule to keep the office cleaned. 


Cleaning the office is an important part of having an office, and it is important that you stay on top of it. Even though you may not always want to clean the office, you now know 5 tips for office cleaning to make the job easier for you and your employees. 

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