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Interior Designer vs. Architect? Who to hire in 2020?

Renovating your house or going on a journey to build your dream house can be overwhelming and will take up a lot of your time. From planning to budgeting and implementation, an individual will feel out of their comfort space.

To ease these tensions, an individual can employ several different professionals to help them in their quest from the perfect house. From Architects, contractors to an Interior Designer, they could all play a significant role in transforming your home completely.

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Here the question arises, “Should I hire an Architect or an Interior Designer?” We come in; to help you decide and make up your mind about the professional you need to hire for the renovations you are looking to do for your house, we have put together a guide to help you decide.

What does an Architect do?

An Architect is a trained professional with the license to carry out specific tasks with the help of their skill set. Architects are unique-minded individuals with a head full of ideas to build structures that incorporate both practicality and aesthetic. They have a firm grasp of mathematical and logical reasoning that helps them safely bring their creations to life.

Responsibilities of an Architect include;

  • Design the exterior of the building
  • Help select a site
  • Create site plans
  • Understand your vision in terms of design and budget
  • Create schematic drawings with an emphasis on electrical, plumbing, landscape and structure
  • Provide reliable construction crew
  • Closely supervise construction

They handle the bigger picture and help build beautiful structures from scratch. They take care to comply with safety codes and make all pre-design decisions in your favor. They answer all your questions regarding the construction and take into consideration risk analysis. They take care of everything from the dimensions of the property to the kind of flooring to ease your burdens.

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What are the undertakings of an Interior Designer?

Interior Designers are well versed in the art of designing the interior following the wishes of their clients. They can work their magic in such a way that it completely lifts the aura of the room. Trained Interior Designers have knowledge in space planning for all types of spaces, from cozy study rooms to office spaces; they know them all.

Responsibilities of an Interior Designer include;

  • Work on design layout, wallpapers, drapes, lighting, etc.
  • Furniture selection, allocation of fabrics
  • Enhance the mood of an area
  • Design budget-friendly plans
  • Create both functional and beautiful interior spaces

Sometimes, people assume that an Interior Designer’s part comes in later. An Interior Designer will work closely with the Architect, and even before the laying of the foundation, will make the most useful contribution to the project.

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Interior Designers have a myriad of skills with training in fields of design, construction, architecture, and sustainability. With their strong spatial skills, Interior Designers work hard to make your dream come true.

Interior Designer vs. Architect

It is easy to get confused regarding who to hire for your needs. The area of expertise of an Architect and an Interior Designer coincide at specific points. Both professions have expertise in designing and beautifying, but we can differentiate them in a few ways.

An Architect’s primary responsibility lies in drawing up the exterior and interior of the building, design the spatial relationships between the various components of the building, and although they might help with the interior design, their principal responsibility is with the exterior. When you have to get structural changes done to your home, which requires a professional review, then hiring an Architect is the way to go.

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Whereas, an Interior Designer is more concerned with adding aesthetic and beautifying the already established spatial area. Although an Interior Designer could aid in deciding features such as windows for the foundation of the house, they are more considered about the aura of the house and the way they can change it to fit the aesthetic of the owner. Therefore, if your requirement is only with changing the look of your home, then hiring an Interior Designer is the way to go.

Who to Hire?

The answer to this question lies entirely in the individual’s scenario and requirements. The best way to answer this question would be by making a list of changes you desire to see in your home and then compare them to the responsibilities of each professional. Finally, arise with an answer of whom to hire to help you renovate your house to your own needs and aesthetic.

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Hiring a Professional to do your bidding is a sure-shot way to achieve the result you have in mind. Although the confusion of whether to hire an Architect or an Interior Designer is a difficult one, hopefully, the information mentioned above gives you clarity into this situation.

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