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Whether you’re working full time, have pets and children to look after, or are a homemaker, there’s just not enough time in the day to keep up with the endless list of chores.  

It may feel like your only options are abandoning your errands and watching your house come crashing down around you or tire yourself out by spending every second of your free time productively. But fret not; there is another way. 

Fitting your house with smart devices can help you get everything done on your to-do list much quicker, without burning out, giving you more time to spend with your family and friends or have some relaxing me-time. 

If you aren’t sure which gadgets are worth investing in, here are seven ways you can fast-track your chores using smart technology. 

1) Coffee maker 

The week-day morning is often a huge rush in many homes, whether you’re getting ready for work or the kids ready for school. If you struggle to find time to make yourself a hot cup of joe to give yourself an energy boost, purchase a smart coffee maker to do it for you. 

Certain models can follow a schedule to prepare your coffee for when you first wake up, which you can set on an app. You can even connect the device to your smart hub to manage it through voice command. 

2) Self-cleaning toilet 

Smart toilets have many convenient advantages, including automatic flushing and cleaning and drying the user, which reduces the need for toilet paper. 

The UK smart toilet retailer, Washloo, offers a range of intelligent toilets with self-cleaning functions and built-in deodorisers to keep your lavatory fresh without you having to scrub it manually. 

3) Automatic pet care

Fitting your pet care responsibilities into a busy schedule can be challenging, but smart devices make it more manageable. 

Self-cleaning litter trays ensure your kitty constantly has a fresh bed of litter without you having to scoop out the waste. It uses a sensory system to detect when a cat enters the box, goes to the toilet, and leaves. Then a cleaning cycle begins, sifting and collecting any clumps into an enclosed container.  

With a pet camera, you can check on your furry friend when you’re out and talk to them if they’re causing trouble or need soothing.  

If you aren’t home for their regular meal times, set an automatic feeder to release food at a scheduled interval. 

4) Water plants

Placing indoor plants around your home is highly beneficial to your health and mood. However, keeping the plants alive is often a challenge. If you constantly forget to water your plants, leaving them brown and crisp, use a smart plant watering system to ensure they stay hydrated. The device will only water them when needed, so they don’t get too much H2O either. 

5) Fridge 

Research from 2020 revealed that more than three-quarters of Brits did at least some of their grocery shopping online, which has most likely increased since lockdown. 

Online shopping is undoubtedly convenient, but if you don’t want to pay delivery costs or struggle to get a delivery time to fit into your routine, there are ways to make supermarket trips easier. 

With smart fridges, you can access an interactive shopping list remotely, a game-changer if you frequently forget to take a paper list. You can also view what’s inside the fridge on your phone using the built-in camera. 

Smart fridges can even make cooking easier by displaying recipes on the touchscreen. 

6) Self-cleaning oven

A previous survey revealed that cleaning the oven was the most hated household chore in the UK. Instead of putting this task off, and increasing the risk of an oven fire, invest in a smart cooker with a self-cleaning function.  

7) Robot hoover

Whether you have hardwood flooring or carpet, vacuuming is an ongoing and time-consuming job. But you can remove the task from your to-do list entirely by scheduling a robot hoover to do it for you.  

Smart technology can make your life easier by quickening your chores and assisting with your responsibilities, so you have a chance to unwind and enjoy your day too.

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