Building A Commercial Building – Five Key Factors to Consider

Commercial Building

Building a commercial building is a big investment. It is costly and time-consuming. You have to plan everything, from choosing your concrete foundation contractor to a concrete refinishing contractor. This is where the importance of having professional concrete services Los Angeles kicks in. A good concrete company in Los Angeles has all types of concrete contractors you might need; you just need to have a plan.

Before you proceed with your commercial building project, here are five key factors that you must consider to make it a success with less stress.

Location and Design

Commercial buildings are meant for business. Before building your commercial building, make sure you are in the right location. If you are planning to establish a commercial building that will offer goods and services, then it should be where people traffic is. It can be in a busy district or part of the city or where the competitors are.

Once you identify a location that suits the purpose of your commercial building, the design comes in. A good commercial building must not just have everything – it should have something unique to offer to potential merchants and renters in the future. If it is a restaurant, you must have spaces that are easy to redecorate and redesign by future renters.

Permits and Paperwork

Once you are settled with the first step, you can start working on the paperwork. You can ask your concrete contractor if they are familiar with the particular permits that you need to secure. If not, you can check with your local government office. Make sure you have all the necessary permits to prevent potential issues during construction. Delays due to paperwork issues can be costly.

Blueprints and Architectural Planning

Securing the blueprint of your commercial building is important because it will help your concrete services Los Angeles to understand the project you have in mind. By seeing your building blueprint, they can also throw in some points on how to make your construction project a success.

Hiring an architect to design your commercial building is a worth-it expense. Don’t cut your budget by doing your blueprint unless you are a licensed architect. A good architect can help you maximize the space you have, something that people overlook because they chose to cut their expenses by designing their commercial building.

Finding the Right Concrete Contractor

For your concrete services in Los Angeles, you can choose from the hundred concrete contractors in the city. Don’t do this task lightly. Invest time in choosing the best contractor because, at some point, your commercial building’s contractor can also impact your potential customers’ opinion about your building. In fact, even the name of your architecture can influence them in deciding whether to use your commercial building or not.

When it comes to choosing the right contractor, pick a team that can show you a good portfolio. Ask recommendations too from colleagues. You can also interview them to further check their background. Sometimes, the way they treat you and answer your questions tells a lot about them as a service professional.

Among the things you have to check are completed tasks, license, insurance, training, and available equipment or machinery they have. Don’t forget to ask for an honest quote as well while you are there.

Arrange your Finances

Once your potential concrete contractor gives you a quote, it is time to check your budget. Do you have enough cash until your project’s completion? You should also have an extra budget in case something unnecessary happens or an additional cost needs to be shouldered. A contingency plan should be in line with your current plan and that includes a contingency plan for overhead expenses.

Among the additional costs that you might incur are plumbing, electrical wires, moving costs, and relocation of some wires or plumbing.

There is a question of how much extra budget you should have? According to experts, you should at least have 5 to 10% of your total planned budget. Remember, it is impossible to predict the actual cost of building a commercial building so a bigger buffer in finances is much better.


Building a commercial building doesn’t have to be stressful and it is possible to be stress-free if you can plan. With proper planning and proper people to help you, you can have your commercial building in no time without spending more than what you budgeted it for. Your chosen concrete services Los Angeles will serve as your partner and they can provide you with reliable concrete foundation contractors to concrete refinishing contractors.

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