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Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Since the most ancient Egyptians known for decorating their humble mud huts, to everything today, in trend from fashion to design comes and goes at a rapid pace.

Trends shift as often as the seasons when it comes to interior design. With each season comes a fresh take making the previous one redundant. Each year brings in new fads compelling people to reconsider their choices. However, regardless of the year or season, some of them manage to stay in the limelight a little longer owing to their uniqueness in terms of style and timelessness.

In the following blog post, we bring you some exciting interior design trends that might fancy your eyes and are here to stay.

1. Olive green:

Let’s begin by talking about color trends. The color scheme you choose is, typically, the foundation block of another décor to follow. If it goes wrong, there is a high chance the overall look gets poorly affected and as a result, distorts in its entirety.

If you are someone who is considering diving into some new shades, then olive green has to be your pick.

We spoke about style and timelessness earlier, and olive green happens to be an epitome of that. It is so versatile that you can tone it up or down as and when you please. The color gives off peaceful vibes yet can also come off as one vibrant color. It has this unique tendency of blending with both soft, neutral, and bright, vibrant colors. For a smooth look, team up olive green with the neutral shades. As for your room, make an energetic and bold statement, place it alongside the brighter and solid tone. The color has such a transformative nature that it can pretty much rock with whatever you place alongside it. Be bold and be creative with this one to the fullest!

2. Add a vintage touch:

If there is a way to add the ‘vintage’ element to the interiors, then it is by installing some old lights. Light happens to be that primary factor which at the end of the day, plays a massive role in bringing up the whole space together. It gives a dimension, depth, and an over-amplification to the overall personality of the room.

The vintage scones or pendants with brass or copper finishes will perfectly sit well as it will provide a correct balance when it comes to lighting the room. It can seal the entire look being the aptest finishing touch one could add. Make sure you call in a skilled handyman to do the installments as it can be a tad tricky to do it yourself. Not everything is DIY, you see!

3. Bring in some velvet:

We know you might find it hard to believe, but there was a time when velvet was thought to be too flashy, old fashioned and way stuffy to be used as interior décor. However, now the times have changed, and it is one trend that you should consider following. Also, velvet exudes class which, comparatively, is quite hard to find in other fabrics. The addition of velvet is instantly refreshing.

Speaking of this, we would suggest you add a set of velvet sofa to your living room or include velvet cushions to an otherwise simple sofa set. Velvet can visibly enhance and lift any boring furniture piece or backdrop. Moreover, if you are looking to give your bedroom or drawing room a royal look, then pick velvet without any further delay. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed at all!

4. Bucket Sinks:

We couldn’t help but include this in our list of top interior design trends to follow as we spoke about adding vintage into your décor. The bucket sinks, also known as trough sinks, are sheer class! If you are genuinely into vintage pieces, then nothing beats a bucket sink in your kitchen or bathroom. Also, a little dramatic touch doesn’t hurt but only adds liveliness!

In addition to this, it adds a touch of nostalgia, be it, placed in a kitchen or bathroom. It will, in combination with an equally stunning mirror, only bring your interior décor game to the next level. So, what is it that you are waiting for – make the purchase right away, folks!

5. The canopy beds:

Well, these beds need no introduction, do they? The name itself reflects the grandeur and a dreamy aura. Some things are evergreen, and canopy beds happen to be one of them!

The continuous fresh interpretations of canopy beds only make us want it more as part of the interior décor. Hence, we say even you should follow this trend. Like velvet, it exudes royalty, and like bucket sinks, it gives off dramatic vibes. Both of these elements, design, and décor work well with each other. Other than these, this will appeal to those who are romantic by heart. It can be a perfect ode to the romantic ones. They are elegant, stylish, cozy, and just beautiful; a complete package!

The name “canopy bed” can project a very overbearing image. However, the truth is that they have a silhouette so slim and sleek that it can adjust into any room with the utmost ease. So, you need not worry about any unnecessary trouble because we assure you that there won’t be any.

agate wallpaper

6. Agate wallpaper:

There is something about this particular wallpaper print that it always manages to makes its way into the list of top interior trends to follow. The agate wallpaper adds a lovely pop of color which is soothing, while at the same time brings up the energy levels in a unique way. The natural uncoordinated lines project a calming yet a whirlwind of patterns that can bring any room to life. When it is teamed up with a geometric or neutral-toned décor, it sure is going to take your breath away. To sum it up, for a magical look, this is what you need. It comes in an array of cool tones, so you don’t need to worry about not getting enough choices.

7. Natural materials:

This trend began in 2018 and only soared, even more, higher in 2019. Hence, it should be in your must-follow list of interior trends. Speaking of this, bathrooms crafted in stones is like living a spa experience. On top of it, this is a great away to incorporate natural materials. It is, again, very cozy and at the same time, extremely luxurious. However, going for a single tone of stone can result in quite a monotonous look. Therefore, we would suggest choosing different kinds of rocks or pebbles to avoid a dull finish. A blend of different pieces of stones will result in a very different and artistic look.

Similarly, upholstered furniture, rugs made of natural fabrics in addition to tapestries are some other ways to put a natural finish to your interior. With an already chaotic life, everyone wishes for a peaceful retreat within their homes, and such a décor would give the right amount of calmness. The best part about such a theme is that there are so many themes for seeking inspiration.

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