Useful Kitchen Appliances for Vegans

Finding new recipes to fit your vegan lifestyle can be challenging—and there’s nothing worse than stumbling upon a great one, only to find that you don’t have the right appliances to prepare or cook the meal. If a look through your kitchen cabinets only results in disappointment, perhaps it’s time to give your kitchen a facelift. Here are some must-have appliances for your vegan kitchen.

A Good Blender

There are numerous high-power blenders available, but it doesn’t really matter what you spend—every well-stocked vegan household needs a good blender. They’re great for whipping up a batch of potato and leek soup or pesto, and they’re also ideal for protein shakes and smoothies.

A Food Processor

There are a lot of time-saving appliances you could buy, but one of the best is the food processor. It cuts prep time in half—no more grinding, shredding or chopping by hand! It can handle a variety of tasks, and it can make an equal variety of mouthwatering vegan foods, like black bean dip, salsa, or pumpkin tarts.

An Ice Cream Maker

There are a few great vegan-friendly ice creams on the market, but the selection is quite limited when compared with regular ice cream. Whip up your own frozen treats with an ice cream maker; opt for the traditional vanilla, or get creative with flavors like coconut, mocha or chocolate.

A Juicer

Most of us think of vegans as people who love juicing, but let’s put the stereotypes aside for a second. There are a lot of health benefits to squeezing your own juice; build immunity and strengthen every cell in your body with tasty, low calorie and filling juices.

A Mixer

A stand mixer is easier to handle than a hand mixer, but no matter which you choose, a good electric mixer can help you improve your baking by a great deal. Make your own vegan cookies, brownies and cakes—they’ll never know the difference!

Muffin Tins

If you like muffins and cupcakes but hate the waste from aluminum or paper cups, try some muffin tins made of metal or silicone. You’ll be able to bake up some delicious vegan apple or cornbread muffins, or some chocolate mousse cupcakes that will tempt even your non-vegan friends.

An Air Popcorn Popper

Whether you’ve totally eschewed your microwave oven, or you just don’t like the taste of popcorn that comes out of those little paper bags, an air popper can make crunchy, light morsels just as fast. You can make your own caramel corn, or even some sweet kettle corn.

Slow Cooker/Crock Pot

There’s no other appliance that will allow you to assemble some raw ingredients in the morning, walk (or jog) away, and come back to a tasty, hot dinner. The humble slow cooker is the easiest way to put together a warm, hearty meal with a minimum of hassle.

Electric Wok

The electric wok (or even a stovetop model) can help you evenly sauté tempeh, tofu, or vegetables, or anything else you can think of. Grab your wok and stir up some tofu lo mein, shiitake sauté, or peanut green beans.

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