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8 Innovative Kitchen Gadget That Will Make Your Life Better

The big kitchen gadgets or brands, together with some more recent challengers, have really pushed the envelope of culinary innovation. They competed to improve long-standing devices and invent new ones, to do cooking tasks that we didn’t even know we had to do a few years ago. All this innovation means that qualified chefs can prepare better foods (and caffeine-based drinks) than ever before, while the rest of us can have fun with touch screens, buttons and rotating vortices for the preparation of a mix of crisp foods.

The following are the amazing kitchen gadgets that will make your life better.

1) Thermomix:

Thermomix, an intelligent food processor and it is ​​the best of the new generation of devices to cut, prepare and cook all in one, Thermomix is ​​really like something taken directly from the Jetsons. Controlled by the touchscreen, with access to a database of thousands of recipes, Thermomix tells you what ingredients to put, then it does everything from weighing to cutting and cooking. Oh, and it will also handle steam, shaking, grinding, emulsion and an entire load.

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This type of quality is not cheap and you will have to pay an annual subscription to get a “cooking key” to access the online recipe database. But after a particularly hard day at work, it will seem like money spent very well.

2) Sage De Heston Blumenthal El Oracle Touch And Precision Brewer:

The innovative genius of this coffee bean giant is not so much the control of the touch screen or the expensive price, no matter how good they are. No, the smartest thing is that The Oracle Touch looks like something you would find in your local artisanal coffee shop, but does not require any skill to operate.

It takes much longer to train to be a barista than to be a lawyer, and most grain-to-glass coffee machines achieve this by creating coffee in a very different way: by forcing milk through high-pressure tubes to texture it , and hiding the brewing process behind plastic and chrome facades. However, instead of demanding that you know what you are doing, Oracle handles all the complicated things that baristas spend years learning, with their computerized brain.

If you prefer coffee with espresso and cappuccino filters, be careful with The Precision Brewer, which Sage will soon launch in the United Kingdom (it is available abroad with several different brands.

Again, this applies a fairly ridiculous level of electronic and mechanical magic to make the perfect cup of coffee with a filter, with precision control of the water temperature, variable installation time settings and compatibility with the V60 spill filters. Of course, it is handmade.

3) Washer Series Aeg 9000:

Okay, maybe this is more one for the closet, but this flagship laundry range is definitely quiet enough and attractive for the kitchen. AEG’s great innovation with this line is the addition of a salt tray. As in the dishwasher, this softens the water used, so that the detergent can work more efficiently and everything is fine.

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However, it is not half, with a focus on the delicate cleaning of delicate garments: the silks, for example, are transformed into a cocoon of water, free of shocks, and there is the certification of the wool brand for their work with the heads derived from the sheep.

3) Nespresso Barista:

Continuing the theme of luxury coffee, this latest Nespresso accessory brings the humble milk frother and elevates it to new heights of velvety splendor. Simple controls on the touch panel allow you to carefully select the right consistency of milk for your Viennois milk, cappuccino or coffee, whatever it is. It will also prepare chocolate drinks and frosts and, of course, there is an application.

The standard for milk texturization depends on what an expert in the art of making coffee with a steam wand would do, or what you would expect from a premium cup-to-cup machine that costs thousands of pounds, so If you want milk-based drinks, the Nespresso bartender is worth.

4) Gaggenau Vario Climate Wine Cabinet 400:

This Gaggenau is the best electric warehouse, except that cement bags cannot be stored. All the ridiculously opulent cooling kit of the Gaggenau Vario 400 series is excellent. All are easy-to-open doors without handles, which open to reveal a wonderland made of stainless steel with warm lights, anthracite dark anodized aluminum, and glass. The ice and water dispensers integrated into the doors even detect their approach and light up.

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However, even refrigerators and freezers pale in comparison to the Vario 400 wine cabinet. Inspired by the oak barrels used to age the wine, they have dark anthracite aluminum trays with wooden fronts, which slide on telescopic rails when the wine is on the dot.

5) Magimix Vision:

Sometimes the simplest innovations are the best. People have struggled for years to prepare toasters that can cook toast with the exact grade of dorado for the individual tastes of each diner. Solution: make the toaster transparent, so that a simple look tells you when it is cooked to your liking.

This could easily be the kind of thing that appears on new gadget websites, alongside barbecue aprons with funny slogans, but since it’s  Magimix, Vision is also a well-designed and very attractive thing.

6) Josep Titan Compactor Bin

Significantly decrease the number of trips you have to make in the large external container, with Titan, a typically intelligent element of Joseph Joseph. Made of extraordinarily durable stainless steel with fingerprints, Titan allows you to crush your garbage mercilessly, using the lid as a man-powered compactor.

7) Anova Precision Cooker:

ANOVA is no bigger than an immersion blender and can be placed in any pot or pan you already own. Its heating element brings the water to the correct temperature, for example, if you want a steak cooked at 65 ° C, then this is how the water will be hot, and therefore warns you when the cooking process is completed via Wi-Fi and an application

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Note:  This is not a quick process and you will have to brown the meat and fish prepared in this way in a pan before serving, because otherwise, it seems, as you might imagine, a little strange.

8) Magnetic Kitchen Impulsion Mixer:

Nothing can survive the magnetically sealed rotating vortex of death that is these blender Balls are needed to innovate in the field of mixers. The blades, instead of being driven by a spindle attached to the body of the blender, are rotated by magnets on the base, driven by a 1300 W motor. Meanwhile, the part of the 1.7-liter can of the device is held firmly in place. Numerous presets allow easy preparation of soups, smoothies and crushed ice.

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