How To Choose Lighting For Your Kitchen

Lighting For Your Kitchen

Choosing decorative lighting for your kitchen can be tricky due to the vast array of options. From statement ceiling pendants that will steal focus in any modern kitchen, to sleek and practical spotlights that get the job done, your options are endless. 

The kitchen and dining area are the beating heart of any home. It is where the family, friends and guests convene to cook, dine, socialise and make memories. Because the kitchen is such an important part of your home, it is important to put some thought into your interior décor… and this includes the lighting. 

Kitchen lighting should be as stylish as it is practical. In this blog, we’re going to highlight the key types of decorative lighting most commonly used in kitchens and dining rooms. 

Types Of Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lighting is the most practical type of lighting in any kitchen, regardless of shape, size or interior décor. Kitchens should always be well-lit and ceiling lighting is the best way to do that. When it comes to kitchen ceiling lighting, there are several options:

Flush and Semi Flush Ceiling Lighting

As the name suggests, flush ceiling lights are light fixtures that are designed to sit flush to the ceiling, making them an ideal option for kitchens and dining rooms with low ceilings. Semi-flush ceiling lights are extremely similar except they are slightly suspended from the ceiling rather than sitting flush against it.

Flush ceiling lights come in a wide range of on-trend styles, finishes and sizes to suit your kitchen décor and personal preferences. Choose from a range of metals, such as antique brass, nickel and satin silver along with other materials including glass, crystals and even rattan. 

It is always best to avoid ceiling lighting with fabric elements, as they can hold onto kitchen odours and are not as easy to clean.

Spotlights And Track Lights

Spotlights and track lights are a popular option for spacious and airy kitchens that need light to be dispersed evenly in various directions. Most spotlights and track lights feature a series of individual lightbulb holders suspended on a plate or bar. The individual spotlights are usually adjustable, so you have flexibility when illuminating your kitchen. 

Choose from circular or square ceiling spotlight plates with 3-4 lights or opt for a long track bar featuring 4, 6 or even more spotlights. Alternatively, you can even get singular spotlights that are mounted to the wall. They are excellent for illuminating artwork, shelving or other key features in your kitchen or dining room.

Ceiling Pendant Lights

Ceiling pendant lights are a fantastic option if you want to make a statement with your kitchen lighting. They are also commonly used in dining rooms as they look simply amazing when suspended over the dining room table or kitchen islands. 

There is a wide range of pendant lights to choose from, including traditional styles and contemporary styles in a range of finishes and colours. You may even opt for a modern low-hanging ceiling pendant that is sure to wow your guests.

What To Consider When Choosing Decorative Light

When choosing the perfect decorative lighting for your kitchen and dining room, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, you should ensure that you are purchasing the lighting from a reputable supplier that offers high-quality lighting made from durable materials. 

You should also consider the bulbs and lamps that may be compatible with the light, and how easy they are to source. Finally, you should always check the warranty and returns process to ensure you can return the decorative lighting if it isn’t quite right for your kitchen.

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