Ways to make your home look smart without breaking the bank

If your life is particularly hectic, this could inadvertently wreak havoc on the tidiness of your home. Perhaps junk mail just gets thrown onto the sofa rather than properly disposed of, or dust gathers on certain surfaces because you misremember when you last cleaned them.

These issues can be easily rectified when you finally get round to them, but other examples of disorderliness in the home can be more taxing to tackle. Why not consider the following tips?

Keep a router out of sight, but not out of mind

The Internet: many of us rely on it, but much of the equipment that we need to keep it running doesn’t exactly look as sleek as a high-end iPhone or sound system. A Wi-Fi router is one example of a device that can look jarring, especially in a period home.

However, you could hide that router if you hollow out a book and then place the router in the gap. Close the book, and it can just look like any other innocuous tome on your shelf.

Paint charity shop treasures in a neutral colour

Anyone who spends a lot of time perusing charity shops will probably be able to attest to how many veritable gems tend to be offered for sale in these outlets. Nonetheless, some of the ornaments in these shops can look destined for your grandmother’s mantelpiece. Can you spruce them up?

Yes – and surprisingly easily, too. House Beautiful recommends painting them in black or white. You could delight in how this particularly transforms animal figures.

The stencils are on the wall

If the style of one of your rooms looks a little outdated, you could provide a new, fresher style – by adding stencil-made patterns! You wouldn’t even need to pay a lot of money for the stencils, as it’s possible to download many printable wall stencils online.

The cute patterns possible with stencils mean that they can work especially well in children’s rooms.

Add new dressing to a boring window

You might walk into a particular room and be impressed by what you see, only for your heart to sink when your gaze settles on the window. If it currently features rather tired-looking dressing, replacing that with a roller blind can be a cost-effective move, says Ideal Home.

If the window itself looks damaged or simply outdated, you could benefit from replacing it. A new window in uPVC could be an especially good option for the long term due to the material’s strength.

Allow more sunshine to enter the home

In a room often exposed to sunshine, it’s a good idea to also opt for window dressing in light, fade-resistant colours. Lightweight fabrics especially worth considering include cotton and linen, as these both tend to be easy to hang over a window, says This Old House.

Windows – especially in conservatories – can also let more sunlight enter the home. Even conservatory roofs can be made largely transparent, thanks to roofing services in Leeds, Newcastle and an array of other settlements.

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