Essential Tips on Maintaining Your Roof

Most roofs are made to last at least ten years, but some can last even longer with proper maintenance and care. Keep in mind that not taking care of your roof can lead you to paying more than you should on reparations, and this definitely is not something you want. Aside from making it last longer, good maintenance will also help you improve the curb appeal and appearance of your home, which will definitely make you feel proud of it. The following tips on roof maintenance will surely help you keep your investments at minimum and your home extremely good-looking, too.

Frequent Roof Inspections

Frequent roof inspections are an essential part of proper maintenance and should be done every few years, depending upon the material of the roof. Keep in mind that the structure of your roof can be easily damaged as long as you do not make sure to fix any potential discrepancy that might lead to serious issues, and you definitely would not want to find yourself fixing a disaster that could have been successfully avoided with appropriate care. Roof reparation services are usually expensive, reaching thousands of dollars depending on the degree of the damage and material of the roof. On the other hand, roof inspections are much cheaper and they might save you those thousands you would otherwise spend on repairing disasters. Be sure to include frequent roof inspections to your maintenance routine to prevent future inconveniences.

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Trim the Trees

If you have a backyard, then you certainly have at least one tree which is growing close to your home. Many times, trees are the cause that leads to replacement and reparation services, which might cost you a lot compared to what would have cost you to prevent the damage. If there is a tree growing too close to your home, the branches might scratch the tiles or shingles, which will automatically call for a replacement. Furthermore, the branches that bang at the roof when the weather is windy or stormy might puncture the tiles, which will lead to reparation services once again. If there is any tree around your house, be sure to trim it properly so that the branches will never damage your roof.

Check for Mold

Roofs that are heavily shaded or humid are extremely susceptible to mold, which means that you have to extend your roof maintenance even more. Oftentimes, the mold problem is bypassed by homeowners, but not because they ignore it. Since mold has a dark color, most individuals mistake it for something else that is perhaps less threatening, or maybe just simple shade. When you perform roof maintenance, make sure to check your tiles or shingles for mold patches, which might be present particularly in the northernmost part of the roof, where there is more shade than sun. Moreover, trimming your trees can reduce the amount of shade consistently, decreasing mold risk and not allowing this ugly fungus to spread all over your roof, weakening the structure of the roof and causing leaks.

Do Not Forget About Rust, Algae or Other Fungus

Aside from mold, your roof might be susceptible to many other fungi, algae and even rust, especially if your tiles or shingles are made of metal. There are several things you can do when any of these factors attack the structure of your roof. First, if there are any algae or fungi involved, installing lead or zinc control strips will help you get rid of them properly and take care of your roof accordingly. If you notice rust on your metal roof, you have to brush the tiles or shingles using a wire brush to remove the rust, then use prime to paint them. Keep in mind that your metal roof might be endangered by rust particularly if the climate is humid or the weather is rainy frequently. This calls for inspecting your roof more often than normally, to prevent potential damage on time.

Are There Any Leaks?

Leaks are simply disastrous for your roof, as they can have severe consequences for your budget, but most important for your family. Once your roof gets damaged by leaks, this will call for complete reparation services for both the roof and the interior of the house, which will cost you thousands of dollars. To prevent these from happening, you have to look for leaks frequently, especially during or after a heavy rain or storm. Whether you suspect any leaks or not, you have to check your roof for potential leaks, which might lead to a rotten roof or damage inside your walls. It is probably needless to mention that mold is extremely threatening for your family, which means that you should never ignore the presence of leaks or postpone eventual reparations in case they are necessary.

Clean Your Roof

Roof cleaning should be part of your roof maintenance, because this might successfully help you prevent a wide number of eventual troubles. Always remember that cleaning your roof should necessarily involve using only the most appropriate tools, which might exclude wire brushes if the tiles or shingles are not made from metal. To clean your roof adequately, you should sweep the tiles using an adequate broom and eventually remove any dust or other dirt with a good cleaning solution that can offer you good results while protecting the structure of the roof. This might be an exhausting and demanding task, but keep in mind that it is highly necessary for maintaining your roof in a perfect state.

Be Sure You Have Good Ventilation

Another important part of your roof maintenance routine is good ventilation. In many cases, poor ventilation was shown to be the cause of mold, damaged tiles or shingles and inappropriate temperature inside the house, so making sure that your roof is properly ventilated will help you save money and time. Ventilation will not only prolong the life of your roof at a great deal, but it will also help you prevent damage, regulate temperature inside your home and save you a lot on electricity bills, too.

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