How to Create a Splendid Pool Patio

Patio is the most significant part of the poolscape according to some exterior design experts. Not only does it have numerous other purposes it is perfect for, such as dinners, socializing, sunbathing and relaxing, but also you can make a shade above it to protect you from the heat and UV rays. Of course, it is of utmost importance that your patio matches your needs and lifestyle and that is built so that it fits the surroundings, namely your house, the pool and the garden. Take look at the following few tips to have in mind when building or rebuilding a splendid pool patio.


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No matter if you already have a patio and you want a different one, or if you want to build it next to your pool, first you will have to explore the possibilities it brings. And it all depends on your yard. There is a choice for you: you can put some outdoor furniture, not making a big fuss about it, keep it super simple, or you can build a furnished patio, the pride of your backyard and the place where the whole family can spend many enjoyable moments together. Take a look at these design ideas.


The choice of your patio pavers does not include only the poor variety of stone, brick and concrete. And it need not be boring grey. In a recent conversation with my local suppliers of cheap, quality pavers, it was brought to my attention that there is a whole new world of paver options, such as clay, natural stone, sandstone, limestone, travertine, granite, masonry, cobblestone pavers, and many more. Also, you can combine different styles, according to your preference and the amount of money you plan to invest.



If you plan to spend the summer in your patio, you may consider covering it with some sort of a roof. There are numerous options for creating a shade, such as shade sails, which can be even combined in several layers; pergolas, which are solid and have effective visual appearance; marquees, which are one of the easiest to build a shade; and retractable shade canopies, which can be placed over the entire pool and the patio.

Screen Enclosures

If you want the lifetime covering of your pool, an investment which will visually keep you in touch with the surrounding nature, then screen enclosures are just the right option for you. And, what is the best about them is that during the heat, there is no need for you to worry about bugs or birds or some other unwanted guests – and even bad weather, because they will give you comfort and protect you from any bad outdoor influence. They will provide you with warmth and insulate you poolside corner of Eden even in winter days. Also, they come in any shape and size, so that they fit perfectly with your needs and wishes.

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