Modern gardens: ideas to renovate your patio

Modern gardens

Modern, functional and aesthetic, modern gardens renew their colors and materials to create minimalist, more comfortable and harmonious spaces.

The latest trends in decoration dedicate a special place to modern gardens , increasingly integrated into the general aesthetics of the house. In the designs, grass, bushes and colorful flowers abound, with minimalist bets and original and showy plants and pots. Here, some ideas and tips to transform your green spaces into elegant and super cool places.

Modern garden design

The decoration of modern gardens is characterized by being quite simple and without excesses. Stone pathways, simple fountains, armchairs with living-room designs, low tables, flower pots and a wide range of lighting options are put into play to achieve proposals in which geometric shapes and color contrasts gain prominence  .

In modern-style gardens, quality beats quantity: plants are usually few but lush and showy. In general, more attention is paid to materials and architecture than to abundant vegetation to achieve a minimalist, organized and harmonious space. 

Straight lines and geometric shapes

Modern garden decoration is characterized by fusing current forms and objects with other classics, and natural elements with fountains, furniture or armchairs.

A widely used resource in this type of design is the use of grids and patterns of straight lines, curves or repeated geometric shapes, combined with the paving of paths or specific areas of the park.

It is always important that the space maintains a harmonious aspect and connected to nature. For this reason, the lines that are drawn with the furniture or architectural elements when decorating must be pure and smooth.

Paved floors or paths

If you are looking for your garden to become a modern space, the incorporation of paved floors, paths or paths is key. There are many options and styles: you can choose from tiles and natural stones to ceramic or wood. 

We are not talking about placing floors or paths throughout the park, but about creating intersecting paths that serve to communicate different areas of the patio and collaborate in the formation of lines and organized spaces.

Choose vegetation with a lot of foliage

The plants of a modern garden should be few and with abundant foliage. The idea is to place striking vegetation, with many leaves and strong colors, that help to create textures, liveliness and contrast. 

You can also use large flowerpots in bright colors, which combine with the rest of the chosen decoration. 

Lighting is key


At night, it is very important that your garden is always well lit. Place reflectors or outdoor lanterns that illuminate specific furniture, walls, spaces or plants.

Solar-powered lamps and garlands of all kinds are very fashionable and help to create warm and welcoming environments. The same goes for torches.

During the day, if your park does not get much sun, avoid high walls and pergolas to take advantage of natural light. Another good idea in these cases is to incorporate white furniture and floors.

Furniture for modern patios

For the furniture in your garden to create a minimalist space, they will have to be simple and have simple lines. Never forget: if you are looking for a modern decoration, less is more 

Try to create a usable space with original, elegant and comfortable seats that add modernity and spaciousness. Remember that lamps, pillows and flower pots can give that perfect modern touch that your patio decoration needs. 

Fonts are in fashion

Hand in hand with feng shui and decoration styles that incorporate Hindu elements, the fountains take center stage.

Simple materials and multiple jets of water are typical characteristics of the modern fountains most used in today’s gardens. Although it is simple, including a nice fountain somewhere in your patio will add a sophisticated and innovative touch.

What materials to use in a modern garden

Gardens with stones , concrete, ceramic, wood, brick and gravel are the most common resources when we think of modern designs. Also, glass and metal can serve as good complements.

Where are these materials placed? On floors, structures, decorative elements, flowerpots and / or covering walls and even on furniture. 

Colors for modern gardens

Adding pops of vibrant, strong tones is a great way to have a modern, updated garden. Orange red, lime green and hot pink are good options to combine with gray, white or wood and achieve a space that is not very busy, but, at the same time, fun and enjoyable.

How to do it? Add some furniture and ornaments that, without clashing with the general design, attract attention for their bright and striking colors.

Finally, something that is gaining ground in modern patios and exteriors are organic orchards and vertical gardens. They integrate super well, they are divine and can help you take care of your health and save money by harvesting your own vegetables at home.

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