Important Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool in Your Home

Installing a Pool

Backyard swimming pools are becoming more common with each passing year, as homeowners in warm climates around the world are seeking relief from the soaring temperatures of the summer months. 

If you’ve been planning to install one in your home as well, make sure that you go through this post in its entirety. In this post, we’ll share some of the most important things for you to consider before you decide to have a pool installed in your backyard. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

1.The purpose

The most important thing to consider before installing a pool in your backyard is the purpose of doing it. Why do you need a swimming pool? Will it be purely recreational for you and your family? Or will it be a centerpiece for family gatherings or parties? Or are there any aspiring professional swimmers in your family who would like to use the pool as a training facility?

The answers to all these questions will go great lengths in determining your pool’s size, shape, and depth, along with the expenses you need to incur. So make sure that you ask yourself and your family members these questions. Finalize your pool purchase and installation only when you get all the answers.

2.Assessment of the planned pool site

If money is no object for you, you may be imagining about building a grand swimming pool, but the main question here is, will the layout of the planned pool site allow the pool of your dreams to be installed? Some factors such as sloped sites, property boundaries, and the shading around the planned site all determine what kind of pool would be feasible to build within your property’s premises.

The best way to know about the type of swimming pool that can be installed in your backyard is to hire a professional pool builder to conduct a thorough assessment. After assessing your property and taking into account your demands, the builder will be able to tell you what kind of pool you can expect to be built.

3.Inground or above ground pools

Swimming pools can be either inground, i.e. pools installed by removing and excavating soil, or above ground, i.e. pools that are installed above the earth’s surface. Another question to consider around the installation of your pool is how long does it take to install a fibreglass pool? There are many variables to consider. While inground pools are more time-consuming to install, above ground pools involve easier installations, particularly fibreglass swimming pools, which will be factory-assembled depending on the manufacturers’ measurements. 

In terms of expenses, above ground pools tend to be more reasonable than inground pools. However, as above ground pools are considered temporary, they don’t add any value to an existing property. If you want to install a more permanent pool and can fetch you a higher price for your property in case you want to re-sell it in the future, choosing an inground pool would be a wiser decision. However, if you’re on a tight budget, go for an above ground pool made from vinyl liner or fibreglass.

4.The construction material

What material the pool is made from will determine how durable it is. For inground pools, concrete is probably the most durable option and it is also the most customizable one, so if you want to build a pool with an elaborate shape, there’s no construction material better than concrete. However, keep in mind that concrete pools are also the most expensive and time-consuming pools to build and they require owners to spend even more on their upkeep as concrete pools that are left ignored tend to become breeding grounds for various microorganisms.

If you’re looking for a material that is just as durable and costs lesser than concrete to both install and maintain, fibreglass is the one to go for. Even though fibreglass pools will not give you the flexibility to customize too much, it’s the best option for budget buyers.

5.Additional feature considerations

If you want to use your pool at night, you’d have to invest separately in a lighting solution, which would add to your expenses. To prevent water evaporation and your kids from entering the pool when elders are not present at home to supervise their activities, you should also invest in a pool safety cover.

Some of the additional features that you may consider adding to your pool include an outdoor kitchen, firepit, an outdoor shower, and a swim-up bar. Keep in mind that these are all luxury additions and are only recommended for those who want to use their swimming pools for both swimming and party purposes.

6.Pool maintenance expenses

Your pool-related expenses don’t simply end with the pool being installed in your backyard. As we stated before, maintaining the pool is vital if you want your pool to stand the test of time and for adequate maintenance, you have to invest in a variety of equipment such as pool pump filters, cleaning systems, and chlorinators.

It’s recommended not to cut costs when it comes to investing in pool maintenance equipment, as saving money in the short-term may lead to greater expenses in the long run. Look for energy-efficient equipment if you don’t want your electricity bills to skyrocket. These days, robotic/automated cleaning systems on offer allow homeowners to maintain their pool remotely.

You should reach out to professional pool builders and installers near you for the most accurate calculations regarding costs. They’ll be able to guide you best by taking your specific demands and requirements into consideration. They also have the technical know-how and expertise to tell you what kind of maintenance equipment you should invest in to maintain a balance between short-term and long-term costs.

Installing a pool is no small matter. It’s a big investment, and ideally, you should invest in one only once you’ve considered all the things that we’ve mentioned in this post. Once you’ve thought everything out carefully, you can go ahead and talk to professional installers to finalize your investment. Here’s to you and your family enjoying a grand time in your brand new pool! 

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