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Tips to Give Your Room a Classy Look

Do you ever dream of waking up to an expensive room that you’ve earned with hard work and hard cash? If you do, the content of this article might surprise you.

Let us take you through the different ways that can make your room look classy in an instant.

1. Keep Your Room Clean

What might be making your room look cheap is the clutter you’ve been avoiding for months. That’s right. All that you need to do is pick up those crumpled papers and used boxers to add some “class points” to your room.

It’s that simple. a clean room will look classier than a trashed one. The logic behind this is:

The less clutter there is in your room, the more features will be visible. Your room may be beautifully designed, but the mess you’re making might be overpowering it.

2. Let There Be Light

If your room is too dark, you are surely wasting a good space worthy of love and art.

Your room may have architectural features that are meant to be displayed, but the lighting may not be right and this is sabotaging the experience.

Let there be light!

Make sure that your room is nicely lit with the right bulbs. This way, the intricate details that make up the beauty of your room can be displayed and exposed. You may already be living in a classy room, you just don’t know it.

3. Add a Wardrobe

If you’re still relying on old cabinets that do not serve their purpose, it’s time to invest in a bigger one. A couple of jam-packed cabinets usually won’t do the job — they’re just too limited and well… old-fashioned.

Get a better wardrobe. There are wardrobes experts out there that offer the best solutions for your problem in storing your clothes and other stuffs.

Have a more efficient wardrobe built in your room to make your room classier. Besides having a classier room, you’ll also be saving yourself a little more hassle, more time, and you’ll be giving your clothes more care.

4. Install Crown Moldings

It’s the little details that make a room look classy. Now, let’s talk about crown moldings — the king of little details.

Crown moldings will make your room look classy in an instant. Just make sure you choose the right ones.

What’s the ceiling height of your room?

If you have a room that has a tall ceiling, crown moldings that are broad are more advisable. They’ll blend in perfectly.

Now, if you have a room that is 8ft or below, go for slim crown moldings to avoid making your room much shorter.

5. Add a Statement Piece

When you say  “statement piece, ” we’re talking about eye-catching art.

If you have a favorite piece of furniture lying around your basement, you might want to give it a special spot in your room. Put a spotlight on it if necessary. If it’s beautiful and eye-catching, it might make your room classier.

Perfect statement pieces are “unique” wall art, antiques, and personalized furniture.

6. Update the Furniture

Out of action, 50-year-old pieces of furniture aren’t really that attractive and expensive looking. Most of the time, they’ll be looking like a single fart could wipe them all out of existence.

Unless they’re priceless and pretty antiques, get rid of them.

Buy fresh and modernized furniture that will fit perfectly in your room. Pick the right style and color. However, don’t focus too much on aesthetics, but take a good look at functionality too. Classy sometimes doesn’t mean chic alone, sometimes, it also means chic and conducive.

Beauty truly is the harmony of purpose and form. Aalto said it right! Now it’s your turn to give your room the life it lacks, the purpose it has been missing and the form it’s been hiding. With enough effort and inspiration, you can turn your room into a classier space.

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