10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home To Boost Positivity

A decade before, if you would have asked somebody about Feng Shui, he would have been clueless about it, but if you ask the same today, there will be many to explain what Feng Shui is all about. Like Vastu Shastra, FengShui is based on the layout, design, and interiors of the home that contribute to harmony. If you talk about the home, every room has its aura that reflects the energy, and that particular energy can either boost the positivity or may work on the contrary. A few changes in your home interiors or colors can help you lead a happy and successful life. Here we have listed a few Feng Shui tips for the home that will give way to positivity and happiness.

  1. Your Home Should Have Good Ventilation

The basic tip that you must consider while refurbishing or designing your home is to ensure it has good ventilation. It plays a crucial role in your home interiors and design. Good ventilation minimizes the accumulation of all types of odors. Plus, it helps to prevent several health problems such as Asthma, headache, allergy, and many others. A good flow of air also adds more positivity to your home. If possible, keep all the doors open, especially from where natural air comes, ventilate your rooms overnight and dry your laundry outside. You can even install attic vents and extractor fans to maximize the ventilation in your home.

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  1. Make your Home Entry Enticing

According to Feng Shui, the entry to your home plays an important role as it is the main path from where the energy enters into your home and life. Thus, the entry to your home should be enticing and clean. To start with, make sure the area is clean. Secondly, declutter the area. The front door should not have unnecessary objects. Thirdly work on the space and make it inviting. If needed, change the color of the walls and add nice rugs and more light. It should be well lighted and bright.

  1. Keep your Windows Clean

According to Feng Shui, windows are the eyes of your home; thus, to create a good Feng Shui in your home it is necessary to keep your windows clean. Also, make sure they are in good condition. The cleaner your windows will be, the more sunlight will enter into your home, which will further brighten up your space and add positivity. Keep your windows open to let the sunlight and fresh air enter your home. However, if there is any odor around the home, close your windows, so that it does not come inside your home. Bad odor signifies negativity.

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  1. Work On your Doors

Like Windows, doors of the home also play a significant role in inviting energies. Thus, they should be clean and presentable. Feng Shui says your doors must be open to at least 90 degrees. It further states that if your door cannot open completely, it means it has a hurdle behind, which is not letting it open. Therefore, remove all the possible objects and decorative items that you have placed behind doors. A wide-open door signifies hosts of opportunities on your way. So, ensure your door is functional and in good condition. Online service providers like Housejoy offers a wide range of services that includes repairing, cleaning, painting, etc. You can consider them and use Housejoy coupons to avail discounts.

  1. Commanding Position

Going by Feng Shui, a commanding position is an important principle to consider. The commanding position is directly related to your position in life and how you can position yourself better. The basic way to have a commanding position in your home is aligning your desk, bed, and stove in such a way that you can see the door without having it in a direct line. By doing so, you will gain more positivity and opportunities to explore.

  1. Your Home Should Be Spacious

To make your home Feng Shui ready, you would have to declutter all the rooms, including the bathroom. Objects lying in your home that have no use signify to opportunities that you have missed. If you do not want to miss the opportunities and have bright future works on your space. Remove all neither unnecessary objects that have nor role. In addition to physical space, you need to work on the energy of the space. This can be done through defusing essential oils such as sweet potato or lavender. A nice fragrance is directly related to positivity and peace in your life.

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  1. Add Green Plants

Green plants symbolize life energy. In the layman language, plants connect us with nature and add a fresh aura and warmth. Place green plants in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, and in the bathroom. Small indoor plants like Chinese money plant, Aloe Vera, Air Plants, etc. are ideal for homes. These are easy to maintain and have a positive impact on the overall interiors of the home.

  1. Choose Paintings and Arts Smartly

Yes, the paintings and arts hung in your home have a direct effect on the energy. Thus, place paintings and art in a way that does not reflect negativity. Also, consider the color of the paintings. It should be soothing and within harmony. Another thing that you should consider is the height of art. Hang it on the appropriate height to master positivity.

  1. Make Use of Feng Shui Wealth Colors

Gold is one of the prime Feng Shui wealth colors. You can make use of the gold color in any of the ways to boost positivity and a healthy lifestyle. You can use the color in your décor items, frames, lamps, mirrors, trays, coffee table. The best thing about gold color is that it compliments most of the colors; thus, you do not have to worry about the color scheme of your house.

  1. Keep A Check on the Water Flow

Water plays a prime role in adding wealth and positivity to your home. Thus, make sure your house has the right flow of water. If you like fountains, you can place it in your garden or around the entrance. It will not only enhance the look of the entrance, but it will also welcome prosperity.

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Like Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui plays a significant role in shaping your life. It is essential to design your home in a way that invites positive energy.

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