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Important Tips For A Perfect Meeting Room Redesign

Offices usually have various meetings requiring the use of a dedicated meeting room. The ideal meeting room matches the needs of staff and is an essential aspect of an office fit out project.

A well-designed room attracts new clients and talent to your business. It is imperative that your meeting area is stylish, comfortable, and fully equipped to communicate effectively with staff to build loyalty. You are about to discover how a fit out makes the most of your meeting room.

Why a meeting room 

The meeting room is for various tasks available for staff and clients. The ideal meeting room for your office should match your office operations.

Additionally, it matches available space in your office and regular tasks. A meeting room is formal or informal with a high profile boardroom or tiny interview room. Your meeting room can have an enclosed private space or open collaborative space.

The rule of thumb is to have a meeting room offering an ultimate meeting experience.

Employee needs for a meeting room

The ideal meeting room understands your team’s requirements. these include collaborative brainstorming sessions for a team or large strategy meetings with potential customers.

Your meeting room meets the various requirements in your office. During a fit out, the meeting room is made to fit your office requirements, nature of users, privacy requirements, and ease of access.

Understanding these allows the fit out company to tailor the meeting room to match your office needs.

Understanding meeting room layout and equipment

After understanding the purpose for the meeting room, find one of the best interior fit out companies in UAE to identify requirements for your space and equipment.

A meeting room for presentations needs certain technical requirements and appropriate equipment. There is a need to avoid people moving chairs around or swiveling to look at the presentation screen.

Understanding the meeting room requirements makes it easy to determine other appropriate features including the following.

Meeting room furniture

The ideal tables and surfaces for the meeting room should match use and size. The options include those for people to stand or sit throughout the meeting.

This determines whether to have standing or adjustable desks. A creative meeting room should offer alternative seating to encourage freedom. This might also require moving the tables to match the needs of attendees.

A meeting room table is the centerpiece of the space. For the boardroom make a grand statement about your brand or opt for a contemporary and simple table.

Determine the number of chairs needed and these should offer ultimate comfort. Access to power and charging outlets for meeting room equipment and devices respectively is very important.

You should consider offering USB charging ports and wireless charges for attendees with mobile gadgets.

Sound for the meeting room

To limit unwanted side effects, your meeting room fit out should consider light during design. This is important to limit reverberation and echoes when moving furniture or receiving feedback from speakers and microphones.

The design company should offer acoustic controls in an appropriate design to enhance the feel of your meeting room. Wall-mounted acoustic panels and mounted baffles effectively keep sound inside the meeting room. This avoids distractions that might affect productivity of other employees.

Appropriate meeting room technology

The ultimate meeting room experience requires appropriate audiovisual equipment. During the fit out, technology should match the purpose of the room.

The appropriate equipment including communication devices and screens should be fitted to match the purpose. Other meeting room equipment includes:

  • Projector
  • Microphone
  • Video conferencing
  • High-quality cameras
  • Whiteboards and markers

Meeting room lighting

A meeting room requires appropriate lighting. Very soft lighting will make participants feel sleepy. Alternatively, harsh lighting is not ideal for viewing the display screen and reading.

A large boardroom needs more bright light and using a projector requires dimming lights. The choice of lighting for your boardroom depends on room location.

Limit presence of natural light with blinds and a room without windows requires introducing more light into the meeting room design.

Color scheme for your meeting room

Your reception area needs colors that create a warm and inviting atmosphere reflecting your brand. The meeting room should have your official colors that echo your brand experience.

For overwhelming brand colors or those with negative emotions in larger space, include accents to create a neutral palate. A professional office fit out company will help you create the ideal meeting room with the most appropriate color scheme.

Wrapping up

When planning to upgrade your office, the meeting room should come on top of your to-do list. A reputed and professional fit out company is handy to a successful project.

This will design and build an inspirational workspace with an exceptional meeting room giving staff and client flexibility. Doing this enhances productivity and creativity in your workplace.

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