4 Why is it so hard to find a good drywall finishing Company?


In this article we talk about the reasons you may have a hard time finding a good drywall finishing contractor. To be specific, we’re not talking about a company that will hang the drywall. This is the easy part. While physically demanding, drywalling does not require a great deal of skill to slowly install it. Of course a professional boarder / drywaller is VERY efficient at this, as is anybody that specializes in their trade. But boarders are not what this article is about.

We’re talking about finishers / mudders / tapers / plasterers. These are the professionals that make all the Individually hung pieces of drywall come together and appear as one. We’re talking about someone that muds so perfectly that, regardless of which direction the sunlight comes in, the product is perfect and without imperfections.

Even if you’re looking for someone that can fix a drywall deficiency in your home. This professional has likely honed his skill by mudding hundreds of houses. A good Drywall Repair Contractor may seem like he’s fixing something relatively simple. But it’s important to know that he or she has spent years building the skills required to execute the repair in your home in a mere matter of hours.

So, why are these professionals so similar to unicorns?

Reason #1 – Demand

When a contractor finds a good sub-contractor, it’s likely that they want to stick with that contractor. A seasoned contractor or Home builder will even pay a little extra to keep a good contractor. Not only is skill a factor, but so too is communication, being punctual and delivering on deadlines as well as what condition the contractor leaves the work site every evening and at job completion. The good ones are always busy, and often times even making more than the others.

Reason #2 – Lack of talent

Kids growing up in today’s world all want to be Instagram models, internet marketers, e-commerce store owners and programmers. This is the new sexy. Not construction. Even 20 years ago, when kids’ views were different, there was still the external pressure from parents and teachers, for them to become lawyers and doctors. There are very few forces encouraging young adults to take up a profession in the trades. So much so that, depending on where you live, you may see your local government creating media campaigns encouraging these fields of employment.

In addition to the lack of new entrants in to the market, you have all the seasoned professionals, the baby-boomers, retiring. Either due to regular again, lack of vision, which is extremely important in this trade, or from aches and pains such as arthritis.

Reason #3 – Substance Abuse

As if reasons 1 and 2 were not enough, there is the problem of drugs and alcohol. Several different trades face this problem where the workers have a tendency to lean towards such substances. While their work may not always suffer and many are able to work under an influence, it does affect punctuality and presence. Lost days can cause delays for taping companies, causing them to fall behind on their deadlines and fail to keep their promises to their General contractors or home-owners.

While many of these workers may be highly skilled and may even, at times, produce more than another more consistent employee, it has become extremely important for good taping companies to screen these potential employees properly before they become an important part of a team of project and instead hire a reliable team member that can be depended on

PatchBoyz Drywall Repair hires only the most professional of employees that can be counted on to consistently execute their work on a daily basis and properly communicate with clients and partners.


In conclusion, how do you find a good contractor? Working off a referral is a good idea. However, sometimes working off only 1 referral can still leave a homeowner with a negative experience. Maybe that contractor is consistent one week and terrible the next. 

The answer to this question is a little simpler than you might like. We highly recommend review sites such as google, where you can make sure there are multiple referrals and you can see how problems are handled with dissatisfied clients. Is the contractor professional and helpful or are they defensive at all cost?

These factors along with your communication with your potential contractor will tell you a lot about whom you may be entering into a work relation with. We hope you find the right contractor for your project. If we can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to PatchBoyz.

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