Best Home Security Systems for Frequent Travelers

home security systems

Until recently, a constant, 24/7 monitoring security system was the main option available to homeowners, and was a luxury not exactly appealing to the middle class homeowner. However, the growth of high-quality home security systems has allowed a market to emerge for everything from truly budget options up to the best of the best in terms of monitoring and instant communication with homeowners. If you are travelling a lot, you have an unprecedented amount of options. Consider which of the following would make sense for adding a little security to your home, and remember: you can always switch to a different system if you realize you want more comprehensive features.

The Basic: Doorbell Cameras 

One of the least costly options to start a security focus in your home is to add a doorbell camera. These are a single camera attached to a doorbell that allows you to see someone who is at your front door. Doorbell cameras are useful for all kinds of things, from identifying strangers who are approaching your home to knowing when a package has been delivered and needs to be brought inside. Some of these cameras come with protection plans that you pay a reasonable monthly fee for; the Ring camera, for instance, allows you to view live footage for free but charges different rates for different amounts and qualities of video recording from the camera. Getting started with security is easy with a single camera that is associated with the main point of entry of your home. 

The Upgrade: Multi-Camera, Locally-Stored Security Systems

There are also larger systems that include multiple indoor and outdoor cameras, allowing you to see key points on your property and in your home. These systems are often a little more expensive but can still be operated with or without a subscription fee, with either a storage card to hold video in each camera or a local flash drive where video recordings are stored for a certain amount of time. This can be helpful for feeling like you have eyes on the ground in your home, to monitor for things like flooding or damage during a natural disaster or to note if someone is repeatedly on your property without permission. These systems can typically be accessed on your smart phone when you’re on your vacation and can give you much more information about the state of your home compared to a doorbell camera.

Top of the Line: Subscription-Based Security Systems Protecting All Entrances

If you worry about the contents of your home or want to be informed at any potential attempt to access your home, a subscription-based traditional security system might be right for you. These systems are installed so that when the system is armed an alarm goes off any time a window, door, or other access point is opened. You receive an update from the company and, in many cases, the local law enforcement is notified. These systems are very valuable to many people, especially frequent travelers who have a lot of valuables in their homes; they can even be a source of value when you go to sell your home. Having one of these systems advertised in your lawn can also be a deterrent to potential home invaders, so that can be another benefit!

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