Types of Swimming Pool Designs for Homes

Everyone just loves to have a swimming pool in their backyard. A jump in the cold water of the pool is all it takes to refresh your mind after a long hectic day at work. Before you get a swimming pool for your home, you must consider all the factors before building one, including the size of your plot, local rules to build a swimming pool, availability of materials, and other essential features.

You can choose from a vast variety of swimming pools that comes in different shapes and sizes. The article features various types of swimming pool design options that you can use for your home.

Above Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are one of the best swimming pool options if you are looking for an affordable option. Due to its low price installation prices, these have always been more appealing to middle-class families. When it comes to the convenience of smooth transportation, above ground pools, stand out from the rest.  

There are different types of above ground swimming pools based on the type of frame that is used to hold up the water and walls. 

Steel Frame: Steel frame is generally made up of zinc, aluminum, and galvanized steels. It’s lightweight, durable, and runs for a longer time. Also, you can easily bend it in different shapes.

Resin: Commonly used in airplanes and furniture, the resin is a form of hard plastic that can easily sustain the pressure of the water-filled in the pool.

Hybrid: A hybrid above ground swimming pool is made up of a combination of steel frame and resin. It is highly resistive to rusting and corrosion.    

Home Spool

A home spool is one of the best options to entertain when there you have limited access to space. A home spool is derived from two different words – a spa and a swimming pool. Custom made Spools have always been in fashion by homeowners because of its convenience factor. 

These are commonly found in cities where you can hardly find free space to set up a swimming pool. As compared to full-scaled swimming pools, you can entertain different options in a pool. You can use it to cool off on hot summer days or soak-in the lukewarm water in the chilly winters.        

Kidney-Shaped Pools

Kidney shaped pools have a retro-looking design that is widely used in a variety of architectural homes. It can be used as a backyard pool or a spa retreat as well. One of the benefits of using a kidney-shaped pool for the home is it serves as a clear divider between shallow and deep ends of the pool.

Kidney shaped of the pool is also used as the foundation to build more elaborate structures. It doesn’t matter what kind of material you use to shape its construction; it will add value to your home. 

Freeform Pools

One of the best features o the freeform pools is that it doesn’t have to follow the rules of the geometry. It can become what a designer visualizes. The freedom to shape it according to our will makes it ideal for most properties. 

With the help of minor setting changes in lighting, imaginative landscaping, and hardscaping, it can easily be mixed and matched with the surroundings to make it look organic. It also serves as a great choice for asymmetrical spaces that have already been developed.    

Custom Pools

People often look for unique designs for their swimming pool that incorporate a specific purpose and meaning. The concrete pool design of these types of swimming pools is made up of a versatile material that can accommodate every size and shape that you can possibly imagine.

From guitar-shaped, fish-shaped to car shaped and many other creative designs, custom pools have always been in fashion for a long time. Although it is an expensive option to entertain, if you are also looking for a pool that replicates your outdoor aesthetics or any other specific requirement, the custom pool is an incredible option to consider.

Recreational Pools

When you have a family and kids, a swimming pool should be more than just an ordinary pool. A recreational family pool is a much better option that gives you a feeling of a small-scale water park with slides and fewer people.    

You can experiment with various creative options, including slides, tunnels, boulders, and more. Not only the kids, but people of all ages can also enjoy their time in a recreational family swimming pool.   

Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are a great option to have in a home. Plunge pools have always been around for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. These are believed to have a healing effect and used by sportspersons and athletes around the world. 

A plunge pool is often used after a heated workout or spa session as it has some therapeutic benefits. Considering the various benefits of the swimming pool, it would be a great addition to your home.      

Kiddie Pool

A kiddie pool is an affordable option for a swimming pool for your backyard. Not only it’s one of the easiest ways to chill on a summer day, but it is also inflatable and dispensable.  Whether you like to install it in the backyard, on the driveway or the sidewalk, it is a feasible option to entertain for a swimming pool.

Note: You must drain the water at the end of every use. You can use it to water your lawn or garden. If you have kids, keep an eye on them.   


If you want to have a swimming pool at your home, you must consider all its essential factors first. It includes the size of the free space that you have at your home and the kind of budget around which you want it to be done. Based on the answers such questions, you can choose from different types of pool designs for your home.   

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