The Best Gym Might Just Be Your Garage

Best Gym

Have you ever had trouble maintaining motivation to continue an exercise or workout routine? Did you feel that if maybe you had more time in the day you’d stick to the regimen? You wouldn’t be the only one. It seems the most common reason for the lack of exercises in adults is the lack of free time. Finding a way to incorporate the gym into an already packed daily schedule can be tough. Not to mention even if you found time, the recent pandemic required gyms across the country to close temporarily, and plenty people still don’t feel safe returning despite gyms reopening. Luckily there is a solution, assuming you’re able to free up some time in the day for your health. Consider turning part of your garage into a temporary gym space. 

The first step in this process would be assessing the space available. As the weather continues to drop, perhaps the space becomes more limited with vehicles being moved into the garage to avoid the harsh climates. However, you don’t need a lot of space to effectively incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Moreover, as the summer months approach, you may be able to increase the space available by removing the vehicles in the garage. 

In order to get a better understanding of how to convert your garage into a gym, consider these things:

What types of gym equipment do you prefer? If you’re hoping to burn fat, perhaps you should consider a treadmill or a stationary bike if your garage can support either. If you’re hoping to build muscle, a weight bench is an excellent start for upper body routines. For an all-around body workout, consider resistance cable machines or free weights to use for any exercise. 

Establishing a budget can help discern what is a necessity in order to achieve your goals. 

How much space is available? If the size of your garage is not suitable for this sort of conversion, it may be best to consider utilizing another room in your home as a temporary gym rather than the garage. This creates more inherent risk of blemishes on the interior of your home though as any equipment is confined to the room. 

What is stored in your garage? Most commonly garages serve as a large storage space for households. Tools and their workbenches, perhaps some bikes stored in rafter racks, maybe even some holiday decorations. In order to be able to create a safe gym environment, you have to make sure that all things stored in the garage are secure and have no chance of harming you. 

For more information regarding the conversion of your garage into a home gym, review the infographic courtesy of Good Garage. It provides a great set of recommendations and will hopefully help in creating a more maintainable exercise routine.  


Gym At Home: Converting Your Garage Into A Gym


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