Home security: how to protect your home

Home security

Alarms, cameras, bars and special locks. Learn about the different options so that your home and your family are safe 24 hours a day.

There are many concerns we have in Argentina around home security . Thefts are, without a doubt, the most distressing fear. But it is not the only one: we are also interested in seeing if there is any strange movement when we are not there, protecting the windows and patios well and guaranteeing that entering and leaving home occurs as smoothly as possible. Alarms, cameras, bars and special locks : know the options to take measures to live more peacefully.

Home security: different tools

There is no one way to protect your home. Each one will find the one that is most useful and functional depending on where they live, the size of their house, the people who live there and their budget.

In reference to the latter, remember that in terms of your safety and that of your loved ones, it is not about spending money: it is about investing it. There is nothing more important to take care of. The safety of home is priceless.

We tell you about the different options available in security elements and their characteristics so that your investment performs at its best:

  • Wireless security cameras: there are many devices, of varying quality, functions and prices, to be able to be attentive at all times. Advanced digital options, connected to applications, generate alerts and take care of you.
  • Home alarms: they are super effective if someone enters your house because they not only “warn” with noise, but also trigger calls to the police or the security companies.
  • Door locks: they give an extra security to your doors. There are very diverse prices and options, digital and analog.
  • Window bars: you can have the windows open without risking someone getting inside.
  • Bars for doors: like locks, bars give even more security to your doors. They allow ventilation without the risk of having the door open.
  • Armored doors: they are very resistant, heavy and difficult to break.

How to prevent or avoid theft in your home

Before we talk more in depth about the different devices or tools that we list above, we share some basic tips that take care of the security in our home and that we often underestimate.

  • First of all, it is important that you always keep the doors that lead to the outside locked. Keeping easily accessible windows closed is also key. Every time someone knocks on the door, use the peephole and also ask who it is. The ideal is to put a camera or mirror that allows you to see the entire place of water.
  • In case you lose the keys to your house, or if someone in your family does, change the lock and have new copies made at a locksmith far from where you live.
  • It is essential not to tell more than the most intimate when you go on a trip and ask someone you trust to collect your correspondence so that it does not accumulate. A good trick is to ask for a garbage bag every other day.
  • Finally, when employees of service companies visit you, ask them to identify themselves and, if you have to call the company to identify them, do not do so at the number they provide. If you did not call them, always check with the company to the official numbers. Look for them on their websites.

Security elements

To all these basic measures we can add different security tools that help to take better care of your home:

1. Security camera kit

The surveillance cameras wifi are very useful and convenient devices to prevent any kind of intrusion or theft. There are simpler and cheaper systems and also some high-tech ones that are more expensive. It all depends on the budget, but the universe of options is huge. You can monitor your house even from the phone!

What’s more: many people use them to see how things are in their home while they are not there or to see their children or their pet. They can be very useful if you are concerned about how your loved ones look in your absence.

Depending on the range you purchase, installing security cameras in your home is generally simple. There are outdoor cameras, the most popular ones, and also small indoor cameras. Some are very easy to disguise.

Cameras are not only an efficient device due to the function they perform (monitoring) but, being highly visible, they also provide a psychological factor, discouraging theft. Those who approach your home with bad intentions never know who is watching and what the consequences are.

2. Home alarms

The alarm systems are most commonly used tools to protect homes. If someone enters, it will automatically activate with a very loud sound, alerting the neighbors and also the security company that installed the alarm.

Many alarm systems come with a small “panic button” control to touch in the event of an emergency where you are totally unprepared (sleeping, for example).

3. Door locks

There is a wide range of locks to provide greater security to your home. From the most classic, in which you need a common and current key, to the most modern and technological ones with fingerprint recognition and security code, for example.

They have different levels of security and more and less intelligent developments. Some include alerts when someone tries to break into the system.

4. Window bars

The bars are a very good option to protect those windows that are more unprotected when opened. It can be those that are on the ground floor or those that are near a tree or another balcony.

Although many times it is not the most aesthetic option, the bars will allow you to open your windows without suffering so much worry when doing so. You can find good designs that add a touch of decoration to your windows. It’s a matter of doing a little research.

5. Door bars

The grilles doors are another extra to give more security to your home door with a biometric locks that more affordable price, for example.

If your door leads directly to the sidewalk, without any fence in between, the gate will allow you to open it without having to expose yourself directly, facilitating the entry of a potential thief. You can also open to a provider or mail without exposing yourself.

In addition, the gate on the door is another obstacle that a thief must overcome before entering your house.

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