Different Ways to Use Glitter Wallpapers

Glitter Wallpapers

There are some kinds of wallpapers which can shine because of the materials which have or evoke their pattern. They can imitate very natural finished like stucco or marble, and also more elaborated looks. But all of them have in common this radiance, literal and figurative, very suitable for normal uses and also the most different ones.

Here, we want to focus on the second option and suggest some original ideas around glitter wallpapers in four colours; silver glitter wallpaper, always elegant; pink glitter wallpaper, with a touch of a joy colour; the varieties of white glitter wallpapers, imperishable per excellence; and the grey glitter ones, very versatile.

Silver glitter wallpaper

There are different designs of silver glitter wallpaper on the market. This metallic shadow is exquisite, and depending on its pattern can suit a modern or classical look, even with an unusual design, because the final result is everything.

Silver glitter wallpaper, when it has a soft tone and a consistent appearance, can be a good base from which adds bolder touches. Stucco glitter wallpapers are the perfect example of it, even with these irregularities which are specific of the building material it imitates.

It would be great on the ceiling of a living room or a bedroom, something not very common. But it would look very good, because it will appear tasteful, but not overdone. And this is indispensable, considering the prominence must be below, in the room itself. If you combine this wallpaper with another different one on the walls, such as pink glitter wallpaper, it will look great.

Pink glitter wallpaper

Pink is a colour able to illuminate any room; if it is in beautiful pink glitter wallpaper, so much the better. And do not worry, because even if you are afraid of a striking design, there are some models in pink for you. For example, stucco as well, which makes possible a very delicate design of pink glitter wallpaper.

This last type can perfectly match in a very particular (and elegant) kind of dining room. Would you dare to have two different kinds of wallpaper in the same walls? Place this wallpaper on the top half of all the walls, and other wallpaper with a bolder design on the bottom half.

Silver glitter wallpaper, with an ornamented pattern from stucco this time, like damask, tiles or fantasy shapes, for example. A dark moulding to separate both types of wallpaper, suiting with furniture, would be the icing on the cake.

White glitter wallpapers

White is one the most used colours in decoration. Not in vain, it is very flexible, has an absolutely enduring look and matches with almost every style. So, depending on the pattern, white glitter wallpapers can give you a basic look with an extra of light.

For example, a very subtle diamond stitch pattern can make this kind of wallpaper very suitable for a bedroom, because the atmosphere will be very relaxed. But you can use it for other bolder projects in other rooms at home, and also another style of bedroom, of course.

You can get a dramatic dining room, for instance, if you cover with one of this white glitter wallpapers all the walls except one. This will be the focal point of the room collocating another eye-catching one, like silver glitter wallpaper with a very brand pattern. Another option is very dark wallpaper, even glitter black with a striking style, based on circles or stripes.

Grey glitter wallpapers

Able to combine with almost any other colour and almost all kinds of décor, grey is always a safe bet which adds style and sophistication to any room at home. And in glitter version is even better; taste and brightness all in one.

It would suit very well on just a wall while the rest of the room are painted. White paint is a good idea if you want a sober place. But if you are braver than that, it would be better in another colour. There are some tones of green and blue which are near grey; they would be perfect.

But what about a twist of the screw? Let’s cover the bottom half of the walls of a dining room with a grey glitter diamond stitch pattern until a moulding, as we did with pink glitter wallpaper, but this time we will paint the top part in dark grey. A bold and elegant look.


There are projects which go beyond traditional decoration, and the aforementioned colours of glitter wallpapers are perfect to make them happen. With different patterns which make them look elementary or ornamented; they suit very well when combining with others either as a base or highlighted element.

Now it is your turn. We hope that all these different ideas about glitter wallpapers are the starting point of your own original project. Have fun!

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