Decorating small studios: ideas and tips

Decorating small studios

In small places, it is key to take advantage of all the resources to optimize the use of space. How to decorate and beautify without sacrificing meters.

It is easy to design a space and add decorative elements when we have many meters. But the issue becomes more complex when the place is small and we have to add furniture and objects without reducing the available space. Do not stress: the  decoration of studio apartments  has its secrets. It takes a little more ingenuity and planning, but the result can be so warm and inviting that it is well worth the extra effort. Decorating is much easier with a wide knowledge of interior design elements you can earn through a degree. Opt for reputable online institutions such as the National Design Academy.

How to decorate a studio

A one-room apartment can always benefit from a creative design, which helps it gain light and appear more spacious. We share a series of ideas for studio apartments that can inspire you and help you solve the decoration of a small apartment. You can also get a help from professional property management.

The right lighting

Lighting is essential in the decoration of small rooms. You can create a significant sense of spaciousness if you make the most of natural light or learn some secrets about the use of artificial light.

Natural light should not be interrupted. That is why it is advisable not to dress the windows. If we must do it for reasons of privacy or excess “sun”, it is best to place light fabrics of very light tones. Dense fabrics in curtains for studio apartments are strictly prohibited.

To illuminate small spaces, it is better not to choose very large lamps to avoid taking up space or recharging the environment. With LED strips  or fixtures with integrated light, you can discover a wide variety of solutions that provide excellent performance without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

When we must help with artificial light, we must choose white and powerful lights, avoiding games of light and shadows that can reduce or darken the interior.

Separate spaces for use

Having the bed in the middle of the room is the most direct path to discomfort in our own home. To avoid that feeling, it is best to create a subtle division between the sleeping area and the rest of the apartment. You can divide a studio apartment with different resources, such as bookcases, folding screens or curtains.

Brass rods can work as a great stylish and durable structural framework when separating spaces for use

  • Furniture for small spaces

A room divider furniture, such as a library or a bookcase, is an excellent way to divide spaces and give privacy to the space where you sleep. If you use a wooden furniture, you are going to add a touch of warmth that you will not get with any other material.

A base unit (which can be white lacquered wood) can be perfect for small spaces because it adds storage space without completely interrupting natural light.

It is key to plan an intelligent division, which allows incorporating resources that may have different functions. Do not forget that the functionality of each element is crucial in the decoration of studio apartments.

  • Flooring, carpet and coverings

Using different floors is a good resource for sectorizing because it reinforces the feeling of different “rooms”. You can use a rug or build a slightly raised platform for the bed.

Another option is to define what the dining room or kitchen area will be and change the floor there. It is not necessary to lift the existing floor and replace it with another, but you can use a microcement or some other material that is applied on top or place a vinyl floor on which it is already.

If you opt for a rug, choose light colors to gain warmth without reducing luminosity.

  • Room dividing curtains

Another good idea is to think of a spacer that is thin but extends from floor to ceiling. To achieve a type of partition that does not steal space, there is nothing better than a curtain, since, when extended, they occupy a few millimeters thick and, at the same time, provide a lot of privacy.

The color palette for studio apartments

One of the best ways to create a sense of spaciousness is to have the different sectors integrated. And an environment that maintains a unity of colors increases the impression of greater spatiality.

White is ideal for these types of places because it generates an effect of spaciousness and lightness and allows you to play more with decorative objects. What you should strictly avoid are loaded and dark colors because you will feel that the walls “fall on you”. Don’t underestimate it: painting can create wonders or disasters.

How to decorate a rectangular studio

Modern studio apartments usually have this format. They can be a bit more difficult to decorate and sectorize but, with a few tips, you will be able to transform it into a very personal and super comfortable place.

We give you some ideas:

  • A trend that combines perfectly with this type of apartment is the Nordic decoration , a style that advances and treads more and more strongly for its elegance and its functionality. It is characterized by the use of neutral and calm colors, to which furniture with very marked and geometric shapes is added. These simple but stylish furniture are one of the best options, since they are very functional and, at the same time, their light colors help to give light to any space.
  • If the studio apartment is rectangular, you can choose to use the foot of the bed as a point of support for an armchair.
  • An area to study or work armed with a table embedded in a corner with a chair and its autonomous light can generate the optimal conditions to create a nice personal corner, and prevent the house from becoming a mess of papers and books scattered all over the place. sides.

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