How To Maintain Your Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Commercial property provides scalability and potential revenue that many business owners want for their brands. But, it would be best if you had more than a desirable location to attract customers and keep tenants. Ensure your office building or shop stays profitable by investing in regular maintenance to keep the grounds appealing and amenities updated.

A mall or local store‌ that looks run down often suffers from low customer traffic and occupancy. It costs money to run these properties, so regularly maintain curb appeal and structural elements to avoid this.

Below are five tips to help you maintain your commercial property.  

Invest in Your Landscaping 

Whether you own a shopping plaza or a corner-side bakery, your entry must be eye-catching. A fresh coat of paint on your driveway curbs and parking spaces is a great start but also invest in creating a more welcoming environment with landscaping. 

Well-planned flower bed designs and strategically planted trees can boost your building’s aesthetic, especially if your building is older and doesn’t have stylish architecture. In addition, if you have tenants, this added service can also go into the cost of rent and offset the cost. 

Landscaping is also a clever way to hide areas that experience soggy grass and water pooling during rainy weather. You may consider strategically planted trees to offer natural shading during hot months as well.

Be Ready for Mother Nature’s Wrath

Weather events like snowstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, and flooding can make it difficult to access your commercial property. So first off, ensure that your commercial property is equipped to handle the above disasters. Then, if a disaster hits your business, be sure to clear parking lots, walkways, and stoops of hazardous debris to provide added safety and comfort for your visitors.

This step is especially crucial for potholes and uneven walking surfaces created by extreme temperature fluctuations, earthquakes, and erosion. Hiring a dedicated commercial paving company in Concord, CA, on standby to come out and deal with these issues is a solid, proactive step.

Paving companies can help you minimize the risk of onsite injuries by ensuring your patrons can walk around your location safely. Therefore, you should prioritize having a dedicated paving service already picked out when first opening your business site.

Security is a Must

Having a state-of-the-art security service on your commercial property is essential to minimize your liability risk and foster a feeling of safety for those who visit. The reality is that crime is everywhere. It’s your responsibility to protect your interests adequately, including your employees, vendors, tenants, and customers.

Always prioritize protecting your commercial property. Be it with cameras, security officers, and gates, to name a few options. Do your best to avoid everyday safety risks that threaten your business.   

While not all incidents of criminal activity are avoidable, you can be ready for the unexpected. With the proper measures in place, incidents such as vandalism and other damages will decrease – or become non-existent. 

Update Your Property Often

Keeping your commercial property updated regularly to avoid non-compliance with local zoning authorities or city ordinance needs to occur periodically. But updates aren’t always about significant renovation projects. Sometimes, it’s just about replacing cabinets in the restrooms or introducing newer vending machines in designated areas. Instead, minor but regular improvements related to comfort and aesthetic appeal can go a long way in keeping your facility up-to-date.

If you plan to add a restroom or expand your parking lot, be sure to follow the law. Inspections are an excellent step that ensures your recent renovations and/or additional are in line with governmental regulations. So, stay aware of changes to city guidelines regarding any commercial property where you operate. 

Don’t Wait to Replace

Certain things in your commercial property may require routine maintenance. For example, an inefficient air conditioner, an outdated trash compactor, damaged equipment, faulty appliances, etc.

When routine maintenance doesn’t occur, your operations and quality of goods can suffer. But, with that said, don’t forget your property’s exterior as well. Customers and visitors see the outside of your building before anything else. Make sure your parking lot is clean and grassy areas freshly mown, so you create a positive atmosphere for those on your grounds. 

Final Recommendations to Maintain Your Commercial Property 

With just these few suggested commercial property maintenance tips, you can boost your business’s overall environment and brand reputation. Besides the recommendations in this article, create a dedicated budget for maintenance, a clearly outlined plan of goals you have for your property, and a list of service providers and vendors you trust to help get these projects completed. 

Even if you are leasing your current workspace, you should still be actively involved in the area you occupy. Regularly speak with your management company and determine their plans to maintain and update the property and give feedback. It will ensure that you benefit from your business location and present a reputable brand image when customers and employees are onsite.

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