Just Got Hitched: Newly-Weds’ Guide to Home Life

Just Got Hitched_ Newly-Weds’ Guide to Home Life

Wedding bells have finally faded into the past and the honeymoon is also over. It’s now time to face the truth most couples are either excited or anxious to get into: married life. One of the first challenges you will be experiencing as a couple is how you’re going to live together. If you have never lived together with your partner before getting married, then brace yourselves because you’re about to be surprised. While this may be disastrous for some, others find it to be the best years of their lives especially if they prepared for it enough.

So if you want to know what things you need to be prepared for, before finally moving in with the love of your life as Mr. and Mrs, we have the perfect article for you.

Create an atmosphere of warmth but keep your personalities intact

One mistake that newly-wed couples often make when they first start living together is that they tend to do things together too much. Yes, you already said your vows and it means most life decisions must now be done with your partner, but not to the point that you lose your individuality. Remember that you are still different people and you might have different tastes in things.

So agree on areas of your home that you can still showcase your own personality, like in your bedroom, wardrobe, area, or in rooms that you will spend most of your time. For example, if you’re the designated chef at home, then you probably want to be the one to design what things to put and where to put them. In the same way, you should also allow your husband to get free reign when it comes to styling the garage or the garden.

Make security a priority

Before shopping for luxury items or design specifics to make your home look cool, prioritize equipping your house with enough security features. I cannot stress the importance of this step enough because we can never really be sure about the future. To avoid future problems, it’s better to install security cameras and make sure locks are in place in key areas of your home.

Try sustainable living

Even if you are not an eco-warrior or an environmentalist, there are still a lot of things to be gained from sustainable living. Life will be much cleaner and safer for you and your family if you practice it. Fortunately, green living is now a lot easier to do in this day and age. Urban farming is always a good option even for families that are just starting out. Then there are solar farms like at https://choosesolar.com that allow you to use solar energy without having to install solar panels at all.

Discuss your finances

Here’s a big one. Money talk with your partner is never going to be easy. However, you have to accept that it’s a crucial part of your relationship, especially if you are planning to spend the rest of your lives with each other. Milestones like traveling around the world or buying properties can never be achieved if you have not talked about your finances.

Although, please understand that it is not necessary for you to combine all of your salaries. After all, you worked hard for it. You just need to determine how much you should chip into your joint account to pay off most of your utilities and home expenses. Just like planning your living space, give yourself enough funds to enjoy life for yourself, too. But again, that’s not a rule. If you’re perfectly happy with your current setup, then by all means, carry on. The most important factor in the money talk is that you have agreed to a system that works for both of you.


Just like all major decisions in your life from this point, married life will almost always be about you and your partner. But since this is a big change, you and your loved one should take things one step at a time. Living together harmoniously doesn’t always happen in one night. And for as long as you married your partner for all the right reasons, then harmony will come in due time.

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