10 Questions to Ask Quartzite Dealers before Making a Purchase

Quartzite is one of the most sought after natural decorative stones, known for its exceptional resistant qualities. A gift of Mother Nature, this metamorphic rock can withstand heat, abrasions, and stains with ease and hence serves to be a great option to act as kitchen countertops, flooring, and roofing tiles. Often mistaken for marble, Quartzite also carries quite a few attributes of granite. 

Given the fact that not many buyers have considerable knowledge about stones, they don’t know what to ask a stone dealer before making a purchase. Fret not! We have got you covered. Here’s a look at 10 essential questions that you need to ask Quartzite Dealers at the very first instant.

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10 essential questions that you need to ask Quartzite Dealers

Why Should You Choose Quartzite For Your Interiors?

The chief reason for choosing quartzite to deck up your interiors is because it’s purely a natural stone without any artificial elements. Therefore, anyone, who likes to impart a touch of nature to his living spaces, quartzite is seemingly the best option. Not to forget that the stone being naturally tough requires minimum maintenance to keep up its shiny, polished appearance which in turn adds to its aesthetic appeal.


Are Quartzite And Quartz Practically The Same Thing?

This is a really good question to ask a quartzite dealer. Well, no matter what he/she answers, it’s worthwhile to know and understand the difference between the two, beforehand. Contrary to what most would like to believe quartzite and quartz are not the same. While quartzite is a natural stone, quartz is just the opposite – a man-made, engineered object which comprises a mixture of quartz crystals, colors, resin, and other minerals. 

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Quartzite on the other hand, as mentioned before, is a natural metamorphic rock that takes its shape from sandstone experiencing a tremendous amount of heat and pressed for over thousands of years. Before it can be used as a flooring material or for vanity countertops and feature walls, quartzite is quarried and cut into slabs of desired size and shape.

What Are My Colour Options When Buying Quartzite?

Plenty! One more positive point of buying a quartzite is its availability in a wide array of colors and patterns. Do not take the words of Quartzite Dealers who limit themselves to a few colors, saying that’s all you get. That is far from being true. While selecting quartzite stone slabs for your interior decoration, always keep the existing color schemes in your mind and make an informed decision to purchase. 

The presence of the minerals is what renders color to a quartzite. The purest variety of quartzite is usually off white or light grey in color and the presence of other minerals might lead to a tinge of other colors like blue, yellow, pink, green or yellow to the surface.

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Just How Durable Is Quartzite, Anyway?

So, you might have done a little bit of homework on studying about quartzite and its inherent nature of being durable. In other words, quartzite is less likely to break or take scratches, unlike other stones. Also, owing to the presence of silica, it has anti-acidic properties which make it a worthy choice for kitchen countertops. 

How Porous Is Quartzite?

Not all stones are equal. Some are more porous than others in the row and are readily absorbent to fluids that leave easy stains, like wine or coffee. Quartzite, being a natural stone, should be sealed periodically to help prevent staining from normal usage.  While some people may need to seal their stone every 6 months, some lower used kitchens may not need to seal it but every couple years. This would all depend on the type of sealer that is used, and how the kitchen gets used.  

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Can Quartzite Countertops Be Repaired?

Unlike quartz countertops, which may from time to time witness scratching, staining or chipping, quartzite is highly durable and withstands regular pressure and heat. Also, it’s easy to clean properties attribute it to be one of the most preferred stones for both indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Will There Be Any Fissures In The Stone?

A fissure is nothing more than a weak point in stones, often identified as a hairline crack. Such occurrences prevent one from using the stone across places where the hold needs to be strong, like around a kitchen sink or for overhangs. In the case of quartzite, one might witness “natural fissures” from time to time, which under normal conditions might not be a severe issue. However, it’s always good to check with your dealer, and if in doubt consider checking other varieties of quartzite for purchase.

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Does Quartzite Require Any Kind Of Special Care Or Maintenance?

Typically, Quartzite can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth and might require a little bit of disinfectant in some cases. So, it’s necessary to double-check on the care and maintenance part with your dealer right from the beginning. At times, your stone dealer might suggest you add a layer of protective sealer for the longevity of the stone.


For over years, quartzite has been a popular choice when considering a durable and aesthetically superior stone that has multiple applications. When looking to purchase one, always choose to discuss your viewpoints and requirements with quartzite dealers to make the right selection.

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