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15 Best Kitchen Tips And Tricks That Will Change Your Life

There are some things in life that, if I had known them previously, could have spared you a lot of mission and effort. Wetting the tip of the thread before passing it through the eye of a needle is one of those. Rolling the remote control batteries for more life could be another.

 Your library has a section dedicated to the cookbook and many of your favorite recipe websites are marked as favorites and downloaded applications. Let’s mix it up a bit and cover a lot of territories here, from preparing your fridge to the simplest four-ingredient ice cream you’ve ever prepared (no cooking or sophisticated gadgets required).

The following are the best kitchen tips and tricks that will change your life.

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1) Use two bowls to cut corn from the cob without getting cereals anywhere

Wrap a small bowl in a paper towel (to prevent it from slipping) and place it face down in a large bowl. A package of packages also works very well for this, if you have it.

2) Put a spoon or cut the ice cream before serving:

How did you get so far in life by serving rock-hard ice cream in a standard way from shovel to shovel? How did you not realize that you can (and should) cut it into pieces or pre-cut the softened ice cream in muffin molds and freeze it again? Clearly, you haven’t eaten or served enough ice cream. This now changes.

3) Immerse the pasta and it will cook in about 60 seconds:

It sounds strange, but it works. For a couple of hours or overnight soak the pasta in water in a sealed bag. Then you can cook it super-fast in boiling water or simply add it directly to a spicy sauce in a pan and let it finish cooking there.

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4) Reuse the pulp of the green juice:

When you prepare “green juice”, a mixture of vegetables, you can use the crushed pulp dough that your juicer spits for more than just compost. Although this smart tip won’t work with traces of citrus or fruit juice, it’s a great idea to avoid waste and make the most of your products.

5) Ripen bananas quickly in 5 minutes:

You want banana bread and you want it now.  But all you have is a bunch of almost green and immature bananas. Bake those bananas for 5-7 minutes in a 350-degree oven and you’re done! – fast ripening bananas, perfectly sweet and sticky.

6) Reuse pickle brine:

Place the chip-sized fresh cucumber slices in the pickled brine in the jar and refrigerate them for a few days to make crisp and quick pickles. (You can also add other vegetables such as green beans, garlic, carrots or radishes. For best results, boil these vegetables before pickling to speed up the process.)

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7) Wet your fingers to remove the eggshell:

Lost shells in your broken egg? Rub your finger with water before following it. The water acts like a magnet and the shell will stick to your finger without chasing it around the container.

8) Make celery crunchy:

Cut the top and bottom of the celery (cut it from the root if it is still attached) and drop the stems vertically into a pitcher or pitcher of ice water to crunch again. You can also store celery in this way. The ice water trick also works with tired broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, lettuce, and spinach.

9) Prepare a piece of crispy bacon without confusion:

Forget the cast iron skill. Liner a baking sheet with sturdy cling film (or two layers of cling film) that has been folded at 1-inch intervals to create a disposable bacon rack. Raising the bacon keeps it away from the fat and allows hot air to circulate around the bacon, so you can cook and fries evenly.

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10) Multitasking of your potato peeler:

Use it to make curls with a piece of cold butter or dark chocolate, cut the super-thin cheese so that it gears easily, remove the outer layer of lemon and lime peel (without marrow) to get cocktail twists or long cuts strips of Roots such as parsnips, carrots, beets or kohlrabi so that they are crisp and easy to prepare.

11) Measure sticky ingredients without binding them:

When measuring thick, sticky ingredients such as honey or peanut butter, spray the measuring spoons with non-stick cooking spray so that the ingredients slip.

12) Prevent burns from the freezer:

If your ice cream lasts long enough to burn the freezer, try cutting the ice cream bowl while you eat. The lid will still fit into the miniaturized container and this reduces the amount of air the ice cream is exposed to (the culprit of the freezer burn).

13) Squeeze the spinach with a mat for sushi or rich potatoes:

Smoothing the thawed spinach in a colander or draining it on a paper napkin is complicated and ineffective. You can easily remove excess water in thawed spinach by rolling it on a sushi mat lined with a paper napkin or gently squeezing them into a richer palette. This trick is useful when you’re doing something like easy spinach lasagna, spinach sauce, tofu saag, Greek spinach, and feta cheese pies and other recipes that require frozen spinach to defrost and drain.

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14) Test your Baking powder:

Yeast and baking soda should maintain their active properties for up to 18 months, depending on the humidity levels and tightness of the container. Not sure how long your container has been? Find out if your yeast or baking soda is still active with this simple test.

15) Make french fries in your microwave:

Since you’ve tried that horrible chocolate cake recipe in the microwave, and it’s always soft and terrible, do you think microwaves are meant to heat coffee, melt butter and make popcorn period. Guess what? This tutorial on how to make fries in the microwave will compensate for that chewy and stupid “cake”.

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