8 Reasons For Using Granite Worktops In Your Kitchen

Granite remains the favourite of many homeowners when it comes to choosing a reliable and durable countertop material. Be it in a kitchen in a residential home or a commercial establishment like a restaurant, a granite worktop never fails to impress and become the focal point of any cooking area.

A granite countertop never goes out of fashion and can elevate the look of any kitchen instantly. But why do homeowners continue to love this countertop material, despite the many other countertop options available in the market today? Here’s a brief look into why granite worktops London are hot favourites among homeowners.

1.Granite Worktops Add Value To Any Kitchen

Granite worktops can quickly bring in the natural outdoors to add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. The eco-friendly material can easily add more value to your home in the long run. A beautiful touch to the workspace, granite countertop transforms the look of the kitchen altogether. So if you are thinking about installing granite worktop prices, you should know that the return on investment on a granite countertop will be high in the years to come. It would, in turn, increase your home’s resale value in the long run.

2.Granite Worktops Impart A Natural Look To Any Kitchen

Since granite is a naturally occurring stone, it comes with its natural patterns. This enables you to achieve a fluid design by lining the veins in the profiles across adjacent slabs while installing them. It is this natural look that makes granite priceless and thus, sought-after by many homeowners.

3.Granite Worktops Are Highly Durable

A great benefit of granite worktops is their durability. Granite worktops are known to be among the most durable worktop surfaces in the market. These durable worktops are nearly impossible to chip and scratch, meaning they remain intact even if you accidentally drop something heavy on them. Sealing them will further enhance their durability and make them resistant to stains as well, meaning your worktop will be set for life with minimal chances of repair or replacement.

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4.Granite Worktops Are Flat And Firm

Granite worktops provide a firm and flat surface for food preparation activities. The firmness of the material makes it a safe choice for most (if not all) kinds of cooking procedures. A granite worktop would, therefore, be a great choice if you intend to use the worktop surface a lot for activities like rolling out the dough, kneading bread, making cookies or other related culinary activities. Being firm also means the worktop surface would require fewer repairs, and you can continue using as it is for a long time.

5.Granite Is A Family-friendly Worktop Material

Another great benefit of granite worktops London is that they are family-friendly. It’s especially helpful in the case where you have children who move around the kitchen, helping you with things or prepping their meals. There is no need to worry about stains, spills, scratches and thermal shocks, which the worktop may encounter, as granite can easily withstand all these problems.

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6.Granite Worktops Are Easily Repairable

While granite worktops are strong and durable, there are chances of a heavy object like a cast iron pot being dropped on the worktop surface, leaving a dent or chip. Instead of worrying about the unsightly marks and replacing the entire countertop, you can choose to work around the damaged area.

This is where a professional comes to the picture. The professional who installed the granite worktop in the first place is your best go-to resource in this case. The professional will cover the chip or dent with a specially dyed putty matching the existing worktop surface. Once the putty gets dry, the professional will proceed to reseal the granite worktop to protect it from further spills, stains or damage.

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7.Granite Worktops Are Resistant To Bacterial Infections

One of the main reasons you find granite worktops prices higher than the costing of other worktop materials is because it is resistant to bacteria. Once sealed, the granite worktop surface becomes non-porous. This makes it naturally resistant to bacteria and other germs, which may otherwise penetrate the worktop surface. Because the kitchen tends to collect quite a bit of dirt and grime with time, you must consider a granite worktop to keep bacterial infections at bay and thus, keep your food healthy.

8.Granite Worktops Are Eco-friendly Surfaces

Many homeowners are shifting towards the use of eco-friendly materials in their homes. A natural stone, granite is an eco-friendly material. It does not undergo any of the tumbling, processing and polishing that many other worktop materials undergo to look shiny. Granite as a stone is available in basic, speckled or marble patterns and does not require any polishing to look stunning. With minimal use of machinery and human resources to process it, granite enables your kitchen to achieve a natural look without harming the environment in the process.

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